Hypothetically, would ordination of women mean the gates of hell had prevailed?
(10-13-2019, 08:19 AM)Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote:
(10-13-2019, 07:52 AM)josh987654321 Wrote: I disagree, it's the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church or bust. Who else has succession from the keys given to St Peter? Sr Lucia said the final battle will be over marriage and the family, nevertheless, Our Lady has already crushed it's head.

God Bless You

I don't disagree with you.  I wouldn't post here otherwise.  Nevertheless, I'm not above an exploration of worst case scenarios and their implications for the sake of my sanity.

Unfortunately, over the last 50 years, but much more so during the last six years, many of us have made it a habit of expecting the worst.  To the current pontificate's notorious credit, there is no shortage of coming up with these scenarios.

To me, yes, the gates of hell will have prevailed by conferring Holy Orders to women, either in the diaconate or priesthood.  A woman in vestments on the altar, assisting the priest, reading the Gospel, and giving a homily would be a sign of capitulation to the secular notion of equality. 

I don't think Francis wants female deacons, but he'll be pressured to do so. I pray he resists.  The "bishops" around him see a female diaconate as some kind of consolation prize to women and a tangible step to priesthood which is still very far off.  A female diaconate is just a huge virtue-signal to showcase these bishops' desire to make the Church progressive, a true Church that "listens."  The most evil aspect of this would be their claim that the change came from the Holy Spirit, the constantly hijacked person of the Holy Trinity who they always supposedly claim speaks in opposition to the Father and Son. 

I would not attend a Mass with a female deacon.  The strategy would be to further effeminize the Church and turn even more men off to the priesthood, resulting in the manufactured need for female priests.  Obviously this strategy has been in play for many years now.  But one need only look at a parish which allows altar girls and EMHCs to see how many boys and men participate in these areas.  Men desire brotherhood, they are attracted to battle and spiritual warfare; a young boy has no desire to volunteer in a capacity he sees overrun by girls. 

The two "gates of hell" scenarios most likely to persist over the next few years will be female deacons and the blessing of same-sex "unions."  One can make the case that we're already there with the death penalty change.

We need to continue to pray for Pope Francis.  He has excommunicated someone before for continuing to advocate women priests.

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