Hypothetically, would ordination of women mean the gates of hell had prevailed?
(10-13-2019, 12:07 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: Fair enough.  Your conscience is clear as is mine, and from reading your post I can tell this was not easy for you either, it took a long time of praying, reading and struggling through these very deep and difficult issues. 

I guess I'm not scandalized by Orthodoxy because I chose to become an Old Ritualist. If I lived in Erie I'd attend that Church exclusively and not even go to other Orthodox churches that weren't old rite, doing the home alone thing that I did for the last year or so of my Catholic days when not around an Old Rite Church.  I guess I have the eccentric and hardcore spirit of the Old Believers and probably always have, even when in Rome. 

I'd never attend an OCA, or GOA church for any reason.  That being said I do not deny there are a lot of problems within the Orthodox world just like there are in Rome. The same modernism is creeping into mainstream Orthodoxy here in America. I have no illusions about that.  I have an easier time justifying my position within the scope of traditional Orthodox ecclesiology than with as Roman one. Like I mentioned before, I just cannot personally square the circle of what I believe the papacy became and what that has done to the RCC.

  Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson in his paper  Notes on Orthodox Ecclesiology: Created Grace and the Mystification of Episcopal Power on his Rusjournal.org site gives a pretty good run down on my own views as does his book Sobornosti: Essays on the Old Faith. I like how the bishop is not the sine qua non of the Faith itself.  Maybe he is in modernist world Orthodoxy, but he isn't amongst more traditional and I suppose these days eccentric characters like me. 

I'm glad we could discuss this without rancor to be honest.

Oh, and I do like how there is a line in the sand for you regarding a female priesthood or diaconate. As I said in the other post for 99% of Catholics I would argue that no such line exists.  They would rationalize it, justify it, bury their heads in the sand or "go along to get along. "

My opinion on Orthodoxy first changed when I traveled to Greece and got to experience a true "culturally Orthodox" country.  At my home altar, the centerpiece is an icon of St. John's vision of Christ as described in Revelations that I got from Patmos.  Visiting the cave where he wrote Revelations was amazing, and I would really recommend you make the trip if you can or haven't already.
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