Hypothetically, would ordination of women mean the gates of hell had prevailed?
(10-15-2019, 12:07 AM)1Faith Wrote: Correction; apostate Catholic. Catholic by virtue of their baptism/confirmation, but without the Catholic faith. Theres no such thing as a progressive Catholic, or a conservative, or a traditionalist. There are only Orthodox Catholics and heretics.

I see this said a lot, but I'm not so sure it's true. Yes, when it comes to the faith, there's only orthodoxy and heresy, but the faith doesn't just involve things like transubstantiation and whether we're saved by faith or works (correct answer: neither). It's also about morality, and the application of those moral principles to real world situations.

'Progressive' (even though the goal they're 'progressing' towards isn't a good one) or 'conservative' might be political terms, but politics is often where morality gets applied, and there isn't always one Catholic opinion on things. A Catholic can support the state paying for health care, or can believe giving the government control over health care is inefficient and dangerous (ask Charlie Gard's parents). A Catholic can believe a nation can support more immigration, and has the resources for it and therefore should do so out of charity for others, or that charity to the current inhabitants has to come first. A Catholic who holds the 'liberal' positions on these matters is not a heretic, but could be called a liberal Catholic. Or a Catholic who wants more democracy in the Church is also not a heretic - if the Pope wants to have bishops' councils and to give lay people a vote on things, it might be a bad idea, but asking for such things is not heresy.
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