Woman leading "Catholic" Church service in Germany
(10-15-2019, 04:58 PM)Bonaventure Wrote: Don't take it up with me; I didn't write it.  Take it up with St. Paul.

Oh sweetie, didn't you hear?  The Episcopalians and Father James Martin said that the Holy Spirit changed his/her/xer mind and decided that 21st century progressivism actually made more sense as a moral framework.  Turns out, God got it wrong the first two times around.
(10-15-2019, 03:15 AM)JosefSilouan Wrote: Today I went to morning mass in my German home town; Our parish priest is sick and obviously they didn't get a replacement for today: so they decided that a woman could do the job: so instead of the priest, a woman dressed in a white showed up and started to speak. When I noticed what was happening I got up and left to pray a Rosary in the chapel at the back of the Church; so I could hear the first five minutes: the lady spoke exactly the same words as in a normal Catholic (NO) mass: First she introduced the saint of the day, then she gave the "priestly blessing", prayed the Kyrie, went on to the first lecture, and so on....then I felt to nauseated to stay there, so I don't know if she reparted the Eucharist or not. Afterwards I saw in the Church Schedule, that the event was declared as "Word Service" instead of "Eucharist", so I suppose that (at least) she didn't try to consecrate the Host.

I feel pretty scandalized right now. Is something like this happening in the USA, too?

PD: Don't ask me to report this to my bishop; there is no point...he is ultra-left leaning, even for German standards.

My only experience was walking into the local NO church and hearing the words "this communion service" and I turned right around and walked out.  Your situation is abominable.  I'm truly sorry you had to experience that.
How about instead of a weird communion service there could be instead an hour of the Office recited or sung?
Unironically because that wouldn't sew seeds of confusion nor would it further an agenda.  What's the point of prayer if it isn't going to Change the Church ™?
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