Woman leading "Catholic" Church service in Germany
Today I went to morning mass in my German home town; Our parish priest is sick and obviously they didn't get a replacement for today: so they decided that a woman could do the job: so instead of the priest, a woman dressed in a white showed up and started to speak. When I noticed what was happening I got up and left to pray a Rosary in the chapel at the back of the Church; so I could hear the first five minutes: the lady spoke exactly the same words as in a normal Catholic (NO) mass: First she introduced the saint of the day, then she gave the "priestly blessing", prayed the Kyrie, went on to the first lecture, and so on....then I felt to nauseated to stay there, so I don't know if she reparted the Eucharist or not. Afterwards I saw in the Church Schedule, that the event was declared as "Word Service" instead of "Eucharist", so I suppose that (at least) she didn't try to consecrate the Host.

I feel pretty scandalized right now. Is something like this happening in the USA, too?

PD: Don't ask me to report this to my bishop; there is no point...he is ultra-left leaning, even for German standards.
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