"From All Sides: Curiosities"
You are so right, FB.

Everyone (seemingly) gets their information from Google or the mass media and it is all framed and predigested. (I prefer Bing, but they tend to frame certain subjects as well.)

Take Google: You want to know something so, you "Google" it. You get a framed statement, a generality, followed by a byline of information that supports the framed statement. It is basically a teaser. Some are satisfied, if not most, with just the first two parts and feel as though they are now doctoral experts on the subject they Googled. Few read on and like in the video media news outlets, they get a bunch of "yadda yadda" information that is basically useless and then, at the end, they get the gist of the information, basically, the truth of what they were looking for, except that this truth looks very little like what they started reading at the outset. The frame doesn't usually fit the whole of the information in the end.

Then when one confronts these folks with true data and educated background information, they get insulted, because they look like fools for falling for the frame-up and react with emotion and most folks these days default to anger. Reason takes to long to think through.

Our society is being intentionally 'dumbed down' and it shows.
One should have an open mind; open enough that things get in, but not so open that everything falls out
Art Bell
I don't need a good memory, because I always tell the truth.
Jessie Ventura

Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense
Mark Twain

All War is Deception
Gen. Sun

You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
C.S. Lewis

Political Correctness is Fascism pretending to be manners.
George Carlin

“In a time of deceit…truth is a revolutionary act”
George Orwell
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