The Supernatural Crisis
(10-20-2019, 02:16 PM)1Faith Wrote: As is clear from recent discussions, many of if not most of us are extremely concerned about the crisis we see unfolding in the Church today.. Malachi Martin always claimed to have been shown the secret by Cardinal Bea, who he worked for, in 1960 after Pope John XXIII read it. He never did directly divulge the contents, claiming to be under oath. However, on Art Bell's show, a man sent in a fax and claimed that a Jesuit in Perth Australia had told him some of the contents. This Jesuit told him that in the third secret it is revealed that the last pope will be under the control of Satan, and that Pope John almost fainted fearing it may be him. When asked for his thoughts on this, Malachi Martin responded by saying that it sounds as if the person was reading, or being told, the text of the third secret. Cardinal Ciappi, who also read the text, claimed that it revealed that the Great Apostasy in the Church begins at the top. That can only be a reference to the papacy...

I have only recently begun to listen to old Malachi Martin interviews, within the last month or so.  I have listened to most of them with Bernard Janzen and one with Art Bell.  I believe it was in the Art Bell interview where Martin spoke of a "quickening," basically an exponential acceleration of godlessness and moral depravity occurring in the world.  In one of the Janzen interviews from the early 90s, Martin spoke with complete confidence how marriage would be redefined and how perverse lifestyles would be celebrated and encouraged in the not-do-distant future.  Even in 1992 or 1993 this would have been difficult to believe, or would have still seemed extremely far off.  But I feel that Martin in vindicated in a way, since many of the things he anticipated have come true.

1Faith, you are right ultimately right that this is a supernatural battle.  I admit to being prone to bitterness and anger at the Church itself, instead merely of the people within the Church.  What makes it difficult is I think the visible Church will continue along its current route without Divine Intervention.

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