If They Strike Summorum Pontificum..
(10-23-2019, 07:19 PM)1Faith Wrote:
Quote:at the end of the day you still have to accept the modern papacy and hierarchy along with the "reforms" of the late 20th century.
That's not entirely accurate; well, at least as regards the societies established under Ecclesia Dei. The FSSP was granted pontifical right under the condition of assent to the May 5 protocol signed by Archbishop Lefebvre, wherein they agree to keep "an open mind" and an "attitude of study" regarding those points of Vatican 2 they feel cannot be reconciled to tradition without great difficulty. They also agree to avoid polemics. This is very different than assenting to all the reforms and modernism of the Conciliar era.

”an open mind”, “attitude of study”, “feel cannot be reconciled”... 

The catholic faith has been unambiguously communicated through the churches magisterium for two millennia. Refusing to acknowledge error by agreeing to subtle and shaded terminology to avoid expressing the truths of the matter, is, as Former Buddhist says, akin to acceptance of the “reforms” of the late 20th century. But, when adherence to objective truth is not the end goal of those in power, any reference to objective truth becomes polemics.
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