The Differences Between the Feast of Christ the King and the NO 'Solemnity of Christ
Nice post! Good explanations. It was very nice to assist at mass on the feast of Christ the King today, a solemn high mass: How it should be.

Our pastor actually gave a homily where, among other things, he made reference to the exaltation of man stemming from the "diabolical French revolution", and very carefully called out idolatry going on in the "highest echelons of Holy Mother Church". He reminded us that where man exalts himself and rejects his kingship by idolatry, Christ is there to proclaim that he is King of all creation.

Mass concluded today with the prayer of the consecration of the human race to the sacred heart. Within that beautiful prayer we find these lines:

"Be thou King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry and Islamism, and refuse not to draw them all into the light and Kingdom of God. Turn thine eyes of mercy toward the children of that race, once thy chosen people. Of old they called down upon themselves the Blood of the Savior; may it now descend upon them a laver of redemption and life."

Christ is King! God is preserving his faithful amidst this diabolical chaos engulfing the church and the world, and he has preserved a remnant of faithful clergy, let's never forget that.

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