Any sin in not staying for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
Basically wife needed me back desperately to help with the kids.
I left Mass at the dismissal, but didn’t participate in Benediction or the procession.

Did I still fulfill my obligation?
Sounds like you're going straight to hell, bucko.

Nah, you should be fine, that's a good reason to have to leave.
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Once the final blessing is given, Mass is over. And if your 'wife needed (you) back desperately to help with the kids', even if there was any sin (there's not) it would be mitigated. I'm still praying for you to overcome your scrupulosity every day.
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I went through a few years of scrupulosity, FF, and like you I just had to get my questions answered as they came up.  People would react harshly or like I was nuts sometimes, but I just wanted to know the Truth so I could learn, inform my conscience and quiet it.    

Maybe it wasn't really scrupulosity in every case after all.  I wasn't fearing I was going to go to Hell for every little infraction.  I just wanted to learn how to do what is right.   :)

Quote:Psalm 119:11  

Thy words have I hidden in my heart, that I may not sin against thee.
Remember what sin is.

Sin is a conscious willful decision to do something you know to be, or ought to know to be disordered or wrong.

If this is your notion of sin, you will not be scrupulous or even so worried.

The scrupulous soul thinks that somehow he can sin without willful choosing disorder. He thinks he is guilty because he feels guilty. Feelings, nothing more than feelings.

Sin does not relate to feelings, but reality. It is that act of the will towards something known to be an evil under the appearance of a good.

In short, if you stepped back and looked at reality, could you really make an argument that some how by helping your wife you chose to do something you knew to be evil?

Is helping your wife evil? Is not attending a non-obligatory religious ceremony because of your duty of state as a father evil?

I can't figure out how it could be.
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There’s no obligation, so you don’t even have to have a good reason to not go.

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