Holy Days if no TLM: Plan B?
(10-29-2019, 10:44 PM)Yes Fionnchu Wrote: You got a job. Say, one of the caring professions where a lot of people rely on you, not a temp or sub, to be there well before the official start of your assigned shift to set up and prep. And/or, no TLM near home or workplace. No OF evening masses the vigil before that day of obligation count, I am assuming; at least in my Archdiocese. I can't figure this discrepancy out, btw, even in post V2 observance. But said holy day, there's no more services held than any other weekday, at any NO parish. Discrepancy ditto. 

Your hours and commute in said vast Archdiocese limit your attendance options (very few EFs even on Sunday in this megapolis, most populous of American dioceses) to no TLM within your timeframe or traffic predicament, and even that local OF may not be feasible. What then, in terms of the First Commandment?

And, as some of you vow never more will you attend the Novus Ordo, what if your go-to Sunday TLM parish does not offer a weekday or holy day service? If under such circumstances as I detailed, how do you reconcile your obligation with the lack of EF masses, if OF is within range?

I feel guilty if I'd either not take one for the Decalogue team and get thee me to a local parish if necessary or excuse my obligation by my "private judgement" making me feel like one of PF's Pharisees.

Reason is I was chastised by a confessor for not meeting my duty this past summer, the last holy day. I'd left for work before dawn and returned near midnight. I may have to work days and nights, alternately at two sites, with commutes that may be 3 or 3.5 plus hours daily. He asked me why. I work two jobs, I replied. Do you have to?, he inquired. Yes, I answered. 

P.S. I'm newish here so I looked for this topic in the forum search but oddly not even "Holy Days" resulted in any hits. Thanks for your guidance.  Blessed Hallows Eve + Day, and All Souls.

Hey there, the valid exemptions for not meeting your Sunday obligations include, sickness, tending to small children, and impossibility due to distance. There are also exemptions for duties of state (emergency services workers), and for charity reasons such as care of the sick or elderly. There are also prudential reasons; If you live in Canada or the Northern USA, and there is a snowstorm where authorities advise you to stay off the road, the priest expects you will comply with instructions and stay off the road, even if it’s a holy day of obligation.  By your description, it sounds like you validly meet the criteria for exemption, so I would ask your priest for further context to ensure he is not misunderstanding your circumstances. 

I am one who will not attend a mass other than at an SSPX chapel, based upon the direction of the priests where I obtain the sacraments, and where I receive my catechism instruction. I don’t advocate that position to you or anyone here, I only say this because I have felt the impacts of not being able to meet my Sunday obligation, for circumstances as simple as family vacations or out of town weekend visits to family.  As my prior said, this is another weight on the conscience of the faithful that can be attributed to Vatican ll. 60 years ago, there were very few places in the developed world where you could go and not be a stones throw from a valid catholic mass. That is no longer the case. There are just not that many people within close proximity to a TLM, and It impacts all aspects of life for a faithful catholic.
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