The Latin Mass becomes a cult of toxic tradition
(11-07-2019, 12:34 PM)SacraCor714 Wrote: I imagine she is an overweight, slovenly, single cat lady who plays video games late into the night and has nothing better to do than compose hit pieces on her laptop in between Netflix binges  :D :rolleyes:

Not sure about her being overweight, but here she is, along with her bio...

[Image: Zita%20Ballinger%20Fletcher%20ncr.jpg?itok=_53LibrJ]

Quote:Zita Ballinger Fletcher is a journalist and the author of more than 10 fiction and nonfiction books. She writes on military history, genealogy and international affairs and has written articles for many publications including World War II History magazine, America's 1st Freedom magazine and the Gloucestershire Family History Society Journal (U.K.). She is fluent in German and has reported extensively on Germany's Catholic Church for Catholic News Service.
:D Well, she's definitely single haha
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Wow, reporting on the Catholic presence in Germany means she really is qualified to comment on the traditional Mass......

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