My girlfriend who lives in another state has been living a very isolated and hopeless life. I think something happened to her before I met her. She says she was forced to have an abortion several years ago and she found it hard to fall in love after that. Apparently her dad died when she was in highschool and she dropped out and her mom got cancer and has been bedridden for over a year. She says she fell in love with me and won't let me go. I paid her rent for a year now and she served me well by keeping me company for a year telling me she loved me everyday and being available late at night. She got a babysitting job to help take pressure off us but she wants to keep her mom so much that she won't get employed far from home and she lives in rural Illinois where there's no real work. Her last job refused to pay her and later sent her a fake check almost getting her in trouble with the law. She doesn't have a lawyer to sue them and she won't tell me the name of the restaurant. I do have a lawyer. My parents and psychiatric team have told me that she's a scam. But even if she was I don't care because she helped me out of depression and helped me resituated myself and gave me an experience that satisfied me and she's worth the money. We were talking marriage until June when things got really bad and I was hearing voices regularly. I come to figure out that the voices were mechanisms in my brain that I had created to keep me company and help me make sense of all the weird stuff in my life here in Washington. I joined a knights of Columbus group and have been going to therapy groups to get rid of this and it's been working. She's going to be homeless in December because she's very bad with priorities and seems to want to die hard if she has to lose her mom. And she says shell love me to the end, which is frankly better than any other girl I can imagine, but it's heartbreaking. I've suspected her of being a total phoney and it ruined my work drive and caused me to stop trying. If you don't believe this story just pray for the people who are in situations like this. It adds up to me and it is worth it to me. I just don't want her to give up like I did. Turns out there would have been hope if I tried harder earlier and if I wasn't sensitive to people dissing us. It's my fault, and we're both probably going to pay for it.

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Sorry to hear about your situation. Remember God loves you and I sincerely wish you the best.

I will add you to my prayers.
"The Eucharist is the Sacrament of Love; it signifies love, It produces love. The Eucharist is the consummation of the whole spiritual life." -St. Thomas Aquinas

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Feeling alone and lonely are terrible feelings.
But if you have improved, YOU did that.  Yes, you didn't feel so alone, but YOU worked on yourself.  And you have to continue working and improving.  Except for your Mom and Dad ( in certain circumstances) do not pay anyone else's bills.
I will pray for you, for God to give you the strength to continue on your path.  God loves you dearly.

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