Ross Douthat on Conservative Catholicism
I think reading it a second time, Douthat's big issue is not that he is disagreeable to traditionalism, but that he sees it as a form of defeat.  His hang up is not theological, but he really expects conservatives like Burke to wrestle the Vatican and the papacy from liberal hands.  How he feels this is possible I can't say.  He talks about how no one is utilizing any "strategies".  It is not clear what these might be.  The pope does what the pope wants to do.  Yes, the neocon popes compromised with liberals in various ways.  Liberals don't want to return the favor.  There are not any avenues of recourse, so Douthat's schvitzing isn't going to change that. 

Is he upset that traditionalists are perfectly content in "quasi-exile" practicing their faith as they see fit?  Why does he not simply do the same?  I suppose it may be because he genuinely believes in the neocon post Vat II form of Catholicism, but if so... that's stupid?
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