Watching live TLM at home (on iPad) — do postures matter?
The Seems it would be appropriate to follow the same postures as if you were there.
However, perhaps it’s unnecessary. Perhaps it’s just a matter of prudence.
Has anything been written regarding this matter?
I'm not aware of anything that has been written on the subject.  I did a quick Google search and nothing turned up.  My personal practice, as I do often watch the TLM online, is to sit up straight in a comfortable chair and follow along in my missal.  I don't follow the postures that I would use if I were physically present at the Mass.  I very much doubt that there are any hard and fast rules.  So, if you want to follow along using the postures you'd use at the TLM, then feel free to do so.  If you don't want to do that, then don't.  I think the important thing is to attentively follow along and unite your prayers with those of the priest.
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There are no postures required on the part of the congregation by the rubrics for the TLM. There was one general directive for those present at a Low Mass to kneel throughout except at the Gospel, but this was never a prescription. It's also why there is more kneeling involved at the Low Mass than at the others. In general, the postures the congregation has adopted has followed what the clerics in choir would do.

Anyway, seeing that the postures for laity are not prescribed and that watching/hearing Mass over a recording is certainly different than being physically present, in my mind it seems fitting to adopt whichever posture you feel is comfortable but also conducive for prayer, if you're watching for devotional purposes that is. If you're just watching without a devotional purpose (for example, sometimes I'll do this if I want to just see how a certain Mass was conducted at a certain place or to listen to the music played/sung at a certain Mass), then certainly the posture doesn't matter.
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