Wash. Examiner: Traditional parishes grow even as Catholics in U.S. decline
(11-12-2019, 12:28 AM)Fionnchu Wrote: The original article stated: "In Los Angeles, the fraternity did not have their own church until 2018, but Mass attendance over the past year doubled from 250 per Sunday to 500. The parish’s pastor, Fr. James Fryar, commented for the fraternity’s website that, after his parish added a fourth Mass on Sunday, “another 200 people came.”

I add that in addition to this FSSP parish of St. Vitus (named after the patron saint of actors, located technically in San Fernando, which is a separate small city inside the city of L.A.), which took over a (now already too small) Syro-Malabite Rite sanctuary, there is now also their humble, but renovated, mission chapel of San Felipe de Jesus serving about 50-60 (nearly all Spanish-speaking) congregants (including me) at one Low Mass on Sunday mornings only. It's in East Los Angeles. One of Fr. Fryar's two assistants celebrate this, alternately. I hope we can get weekday masses, but I think even three FSSP priests aren't enough to serve our vast Archdiocese. They run two of the four total sites offering a TLM each Sunday in all of L.A. County, population at least 10.5 million. And this in the nation's largest Archdiocese, where we need more priests and more TLMs.

It sounds like there's a lot of room for growth.  I live in a more suburban area, and I have trouble imagining ever getting a TLM within county lines.  It seems like it's so easy for the TLM to grow in cities where there are churches that dioceses are probably itching to get rid of and the population density makes it easy to attract a reasonable number at a time.

I plan on making a thread on this topic one day - how many people locally I would need to recruit before the SSPX could be convinced to come to town.  I live in a fairly conservative county in a liberal diocese with two Catholic churches that are far more liberal than the population they serve.  I feel like I could make it work.  Vox has some good advice on the main page of the site, but I need real specifics, as in "25 people would make it worth our while."
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