General customs for feast days?
So I've been looking through this page,

And I think it's going to be very helpful for when my daughter is born in a few more months. But it got me wondering about what the general ways of recognizing/celebrating feast days are. So, aside from the specific customs listed in the above link, are there general traditions that apply to any old feast? Like for instance, having a feast?
I have moved quite a bit in my life.
It seems to me that the feast day celebrations are more cultural/ethnic than strictly Catholic.
For example, St. Josephs day, in my upbringing, was really not a feast day, I didn't know about it, and I was in Catholic school.  Until, I went to high school with a bunch of Italian kids.  For the Italian kids, St. Josephs Day was a big deal.  They dressed up a little nicer for school that day, the boys wore red carnations in their lapels, and the families had a big, well, sweets spread at their homes so that guests could come over, see several tables full of good food (literally, tables, plural) beautifully presented.
I had never heard of putting your shoes outside of the door for St. Nicholas to come by and put candy in your shoes, until my 1st grade daughter learned about it in school, put her shoes out and didn't get any candy.

St. Patrick's Day was not always a drinking game.  It was the only Feast Day we were allowed to come out of uniform and we decorated our lunch boxes.  The whole school also went to Mass on St. Patricks Day.
Until I moved to Nashville I had never heard of St. Blasé and throat blessings, St. Francis and pet blessings, or the blessing of food baskets.
You have a lot of lee-way.  You can create your own customs.  You get to pick and choose what you choose to do, you get to see what appeals to you, what moves you, and what makes your children happy.  You are on the right track and I admire your desire to be a good parent.
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Here is a good post on how St. Nicholas Day is celebrated around the world:
My wife has been doing a lot of stuff off of this blog for feast days. I believe she also has a lot of printable decorations etc on there as well.
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