"There was an attempted assassination of President Trump over the weekend"
Was this an assassination attempt? What with the meltdown of the socalled Impeachment Inquiry taking place (You won't get details in MSM, BTW) it looks like the Demoncrats are pulling out the last ditch effort. The Inspector General's report may soon be coming out and initial speculation is that it is going to be spectacularly devastating for many on The Hill, on both sides of the isle.

Just hide and watch and not to mention, pray for the food tester that got ill and alerted the staff of the threat!

Article Wrote:Exotic chemical suspected in attempted poisoning of President Trump
[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.naturalnews.c...2icQtw--~C]
Breaking news - There was an attempted assassination of President Trump over the weekend, as he was shuttled to a military hospital for urgent medical tests after his food tester was reportedly stricken with extreme symptoms.

Medical tests could not identify the chemical that was used. Trump is reportedly in good health, but the deep state traitors are ramping up their efforts to try to eliminate the President, since their impeachment coup is rapidly collapsing.

The entire CIA-run media is blacklisting this story and refusing to cover it.

See full details on this breaking news story here.
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I've wondered about this. I'd say the possibility of it will be more likely if we see some odd policy shift indicating it was a successful scare tactic.
TIL President Trump has a food tester
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I'm pretty certain it was a heart attack from having too many burgers for dinner that night.
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