A semi-serious question
I think it's just for the look, and honestly pretty cringey if done just to be old-timey. I was an occasional cigarette smoker in college and I remember those types of people looking down on me for it, they would hack back huge cigars all the time but were afraid of a little cigarette lol. There's probably a couple packs worth of tobacco in a cigar, and it's unfiltered too, certainly not a "safe" option.  

That being said I do enjoy a cigar or pipe on occasions.
"If your heart comes to feel a natural hatred for sin, it has defeated the causes of sin and freed itself from them. Keep hell’s torments in mind; but know that your Helper is at hand. Do nothing that will grieve Him, but say to Him with tears: ‘Be merciful and deliver me, O Lord, for without Thy help I cannot escape from the hands of my enemies.’ Be attentive to your heart, and He will guard you from all evil."

- St. Isaias the Solitary

"Constant action overcomes cold; being still overcomes heat. Purity
and stillness give the correct law to all under heaven."

- Tao Te Ching 45

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