What You Should Know About Google’s ‘AI Manhattan Project’
This is a very interesting article, I think. I've posted about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence many times and I think the dangers are many because of the lack of restraint, just for one, on the part of the developers. They want to get this project accomplished and at any cost, even to selling themselves to a foreign government to get more support: Google is now a Chinese Government owned company, headquartered in China, no less. If that doesn't rattle your bones a bit, read what a whistleblower has divulged about the Deep Mind project:

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What You Should Know About Google’s ‘AI Manhattan Project’
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Former Google software engineer and whistleblower, Zach Vorhies joins JustInformedTalk to discuss how Google’s Artificial Intelligence ‘Manhattan Project’ called DeepMind has made

Google the leader in neural network technology, through their innovation of “transferrable AI”, which applies machine learning acquired from one network to a similar network/task.

The main use of Artificial Intelligence is to automate the management of vast amounts of data. It’s also become a way to keep corporate responsibility at arm’s-length or what Vorhies calls “liability laundering.”

He says, “Google had [censorship] blacklists and they’re going to continue to have blacklists but these blacklists are going to be hidden in convoluted, machine learning networks that no one can decipher…

“Good luck trying to convict an algorithm of discrimination….you can’t cross-examine an algorithm!”

Vorhies then describes how he stumbled upon one blacklisted website, E-Cat World. He says, “I caught Google hiding a website devoted to a new form of clean nuclear energy.

You’ve probably heard it referred to as ‘cold fusion’ or ‘chemical-assisted nuclear reaction’ or ‘low-energy nuclear reaction’ but there’s a device made by an engineer by the name of Andrea Rossi. He’s been working on it for over a decade. He has had this machine tested by a third party.”

My attention was piqued because Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat device were one of the first stories that I ever published about on FKTV, five weeks after its launch in 2011.
At the time, it looked like it was going to go into mass production soon but the E-Cat has since been “debunked” by Popular Science and other skeptics.

Vorhies suspects that this technology is being suppressed. “Why would somebody go to this sophisticated hack to take down what Wikipedia says is a debunked theory of fraudulent scientists? Why did somebody put so much energy into taking this website down? Then I started to realize that…maybe this cold fusion isn’t a fake concept…as I looked into it further, I realized cold fusion’s actually real.”

He notes that it was blacklisted on October 2nd 2017, the day after the Las Vegas shooting massacre, when YouTube’s CEO moved to censor “Fake News” (including ISIS websites taking responsibility for the shooting!)

Vorhies saw that a fake link about the massacre had been attributed to the E-Cat World website, causing it to be de-listed from Google’s search index, effectively removing it from the Internet and plunging the site into the Dark Web. Vorhies got into Google’s face, telling them they could be liable for corporate espionage and was able to get it re-indexed.

He re-tells this story, not to dwell in the darkness but to inspire us about the reality of nuclear energy from hydrogen gas and nickel powder that is relatively cheap and produces no nuclear waste, to say nothing of the supposedly dread carbon emissions.

Zach works to expose Google’s technofascism daily on Twitter, where you can follow him at @Perpetualmaniac.
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