How to research historic land ownership?
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I am trying to find my great grandfathers grave.  It is not on any grave finder site.

I am quite close to finding my great grandparents farm.  I know the town, the county and the state.  It is a very small, nonincorporated town in a low population county.    I know the years of ownership.  His name is not on the online records for the local cemeteries but one of the cemeteries has several old, broken, partially buried and unmarked gravestones.
I suspect he may have been buried on their farm because they lost a baby a year earlier and she was not buried in the cemetery.
But I don't know how to search the records to find the actual land.  Unfortunately, there was a fire that destroyed the US Census for the appropriate census (that  seems to happen a lot in my genealogy  searches)  My grandfather was able to travel there and find his grave in the early 1980's but he wanted to make that trip all by himself so there is no one left alive to ask.
Any suggestions for searching for very rural land ownership in 1910?
The county clerk, or whatever the office is called in the State you're dealing with, is the best place. They should have records of all land transactions going back a century or so.
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