Video: Student Leftist Has Violent Hissy Fit Over ‘All Lives Matter’ Sign
I nearly, literally, broke out in tears when I viewed the videos in this piece. It really disturbs me to see how degenerative the society has become in California and it is no secret why so many millions of people are leaving that state every week. It is also no wonder why the ground is shaking almost continuously, with hundreds of minor EQs being registered all over the state.

These videos are disturbing and quite foul-mouthed with lots of people displaying, with their fingers, their IQs:

Article Wrote:Link to Original Article Page with Links to Video (Caution: Vulgar Language and Activities)

Video: Student Leftist Has Violent Hissy Fit Over ‘All Lives Matter’ Sign

America’s future looks so bright.
21 November, 2019
Paul Joseph Watson
[Image: 211119leftist.jpg]

A video out of California State University shows a man being assaulted by a leftist who proceeds to have a violent hissy fit over his “All Lives Matter” sign.

The man calmly stands next to the leftist with his handwritten sign, before she almost immediately snatches it from him and goes into a meltdown, screaming, “Get the f*ck out of here!”

The woman then assaults the man before continuing her tirade, claiming he harassed her.

She then accuses him of ‘sacrificing’ her safety before yelling, “f*ck you!”

Another clip shows a foul-mouthed student harassing activist Brandon Straka before his camerawoman is called a “dumb ass white bitch.”

Another clips shows the same young woman berating conservatives while a transgender-looking individual wearing pink with ginger hair flips off the camera.

With kids like these, America has such a bright future ahead of it.
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