Epic Explosion Detected via Faster-Than-Light Particles
Interesting article and fascinating pictures of a phenomena rarely seen:

Epic explosion detected via faster-than-light particles

Earlier this year, space-based observatories detected a violent explosion in a galaxy billions of light-years away. It became the brightest source of high-energy cosmic light seen so far. Specialized telescopes on the ground were also able to detect it via faster-than-light particles cascading through Earth's atmosphere. The result was a culmination of years of effort by astronomers. Read more.

[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgallery.mailchimp...RKC48Q--~C]

Specialized telescopes - like H.E.S.S. in Namibia and MAGIC in the Canary Islands - detect the bluish Cherenkov light in Earth's atmosphere, generated by faster-than-light particles, caused by cosmic gamma rays. Image via DESY Science Communication Lab. Read more.

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