Patriarch of Constantinople: Catholic-Orthodox Re-Union now inevitable?
It began in 1054, when a Patriarch named Michael Caerularius (as documented in the Catholic Encyclopedia) in a brazenly schismatic act, had the Holy Eucharist trampled upon because it was Consecrated in Azyme or Unleavened Bread. Two General Councils, Lyons II and Florence, tried to end the schism. Is the end of this tragic schism finally in sight? Is the return of the Orthodox to Catholic Faith and Catholic Unity with the Throne of St. Peter now certain? It looks like it, from the below. Patriarch Bartholomew would only need to profess the Filioque, Immaculate Conception and other dogmas, and receive faculties from the Catholic Church to become the legitimately installed Catholic Patriarch of Constantinople. Thoughts? Link

Papal and Collegial Consecration of Russia would speed up the process.

"Head of Phanar in Athos persuades monks to unite with Catholics

 25 November 2019, 19:12  Elena Konstantinova 166774

Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople with the brethren of Athos at the service at the Notre Dame de Saint-Remy Abbey in Rochefort. Photo: Facebook

The Patriarch of Constantinople believes that only historical differences rather than dogmas separate Orthodoxy and Catholicism, hence their unity is inevitable.

Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople stated that there are only historical rather than dogmatic controversies between Orthodox Christians and Catholics. He said this during his last visit to the Holy Mount Athos.

In particular, according to the UOJ sources, during a visit to the Greek monastery Pantokrator, Patriarch Bartholomew, in the presence of the brethren and guests of the monastery, claimed that the unity of the Orthodox Church with Roman Catholics was inevitable.

In his opinion, the division that now exists between the Orthodox and Catholics has historical roots but is not in the field of dogma.

Patriarch Bartholomew is convinced that Catholics are “exactly the same Christians as we are”. He also emphasized that Pope Francis's gift of holy relics of St. Peter the Apostle is a testimony of good graces of the Catholic Church in relation to the Orthodox Church.

The UOJ sources said that during the speech of Patriarch Bartholomew, Archimandrite Gabriel, Abbot of Pantokrator monastery, Archimandrite Alexy, Abbot of Xenophontos monastery, Archimandrite Ephraim, Abbot of Vatopedi monastery, brothers of several monasteries and guests were present. Most of the brethren of monasteries after such words of the head of Phanar were perplexed, but none of those present protested to Patriarch Bartholomew. In addition, some monks, after the words of the head of Phanar that unity with the Catholics is inevitable, cried.

According to the eyewitnesses, numerous patriarchal guards did not allow anyone from the brethren to record the speech of Patriarch Bartholomew.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that in Belgium, Patriarch Bartholomew and Abbot of Xenophontos prayed jointly with Catholics."
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Get ready for it....the heads of the Easterners on CAF who incessantly remind everyone about how unfair it is for the East, even though it's sooooo much better, are about to explode...
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I'm going to call it.

When Pat Bart inevitably comes home to Rome and brings some of the Eastern churchs with him, the Patriarch of Moscow will declare himself the new Ecumenical Patriarch just to continue to spite Constantinople and Rome. I really hope the Greek Church in my area comes home. They have gigantic wall sized icons of our LORD and His mother that alot of my fellow parishioners would absolutely love to see.
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The Patriarch of Constantinople attempted to call an ecumenical council recently and based on the results I'm going to pump the brakes on any plans for mass Orthodox/Catholic reunion. As noted above if Constantinople were to return to Rome, Moscow would simply step in and fill the void. One of the uncomfortable secrets of the Orthodox world is Greek and Russian Orthodox don't particularly like one another. A cynical person could reasonably claim that the two churches maintain communion because they know how bad it would look for Orthodoxy as a whole if its' two largest churches were in schism with each other.

The truth is the only way that the Catholic-Orthodox schism will be healed is for there to be such massive, bloody persecutions that the two parties will have to embrace each other if either one is to survive. I have a lot of sympathy for David Bentley Harts view that the two sides mutually reinforcing strengths will eventually be called on when the circumstances become dire enough. The mysticism of the Russian church (and Orthodoxy in general) would be a powerful weapon against the onslaught of secular post-modernism in the west. On the other hand, the ability to "strengthen the brethren" that Peter's successors wield is something that the Eastern Churches desperately need as their conflict with Islam grows more deadly.

The whole situation is a mess though, and I've long since ceased worrying about it beyond keeping reunion as a constant petition is my prayer life.
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This isn't going to happen, Orthodox and Catholics are not "exactly the same," far from it. Any union on these grounds is a false union.
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I'll believe it when I see it. And even then, I probably won't think it will last given the Orthodox predilection of declaring everyone and their mother a schismatic for minor issues.[Image: f251d9a7f628ec0bf016bbcecbd89f58.jpg]
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These kinda stories pop up from time to time in cyberspace. It's not about to happen any time soon. The arguments are always based around some call for artificial unity, i,e You believe what you want to believe and we'll do the same and it'll mean we're in communion. And yes, their are a few forums online, where saying that can get you in trouble with the mods.
(11-27-2019, 12:36 PM)MeanGene Wrote: As noted above if Constantinople were to return to Rome, Moscow would simply step in and fill the void.
Moscow declared itself the 'Third Rome' when Constantinople ('Second Rome') fell to followers of the pædophile (may swine dung be upon him). They would be only too happy to do the same in ecclesiastical affairs if Bartholomew 'apostasises' by becoming Catholic.

And the great majority of the Slav Churches would happily follow them. It would just mean the end of 'Greek' Orthodoxy, not a reunion of West and East.
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As jovan said, after the downfall of Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire to the 'religion of peace', Moscow declared itself the third Rome.
For them there would be no void.
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We just kept the feast of St Josaphat Kuntsevych, OSBM, a couple of weeks ago. He was an Orthodox who became Catholic. He was Archeparch of Polotsk in what is now Belarus. He was beaten to death by the Orthodox in Vitebsk, in the Catholic ruled Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, for his crime of 'apostasy'.

From my experience and research, attitudes amongst the Slavic Orthodox haven't changed all that much, except that they don't usually kill people.
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