Elevator Pitch Threads!
Let's make an elevator pitch about different relevant Catholic topics we get cornered with everday.

Create your own ELEVATOR PITCH THREAD about the following topics: [I, Vox Clamantis, am editing Sacred Heart Lover's post to suggest that all of these "elevator pitches" be kept in one thread -- this thread -- so they can all be found together]

Here are some suggestions:

Artificial Birth control


Gay Marriage

Large Families

Transexual Identity

Opposition to Zionism



Wars for Israel

Taking Jesus/God the Father's name in vain/used as a swear word

Premarital Sex

Global Warming is A Hoax





Death Penalty

Add more topics as needed...

Just pick a topic and start a thread with your 30 second sound bite to combat these evils.  

Title your thread as EP (elevator pitch) and the topic you are adressing.  
IE:  EP on Abortion Evil

We need mic drops!

It needs to be a quick, to the point, truth bomb, with empathy or with called for snarkiness depending on the circumstances which anyone inside or out of the faith can clearly understand.

We are all confronted with these ideologies in every day life and need to have a succint, logical, compassionate argument.
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