Latinos Going Islam
I almost died when I read actually I did die.....someway.....
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The hierarchy for the past 50 years will have much to answer for at the Judgement Seat, not least the total lack of Catholic catechesis.
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Every system is perfectly designed to achieve the outcome it produces.
(12-02-2019, 11:27 PM)divinesilence80 Wrote: I almost died when I read actually I did die.....someway.....

From this
To this


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mystical Rose, make intercession for the Holy Church, protect the Sovereign Pontiff, help all those who invoke thee in their necessities, and since thou art the ever Virgin Mary, and Mother of the True God, obtain for us from thy most holy Son the grace of keeping our faith, of sweet hope in the midst of the bitterness of life, of burning charity, and the precious gift of final perseverance.
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Islam is still generally  a very strict, very communal religion.  I think young men WANT something or someone to hold them accountable, and to challenge them.  Modern western Christianity does not offer this at all anymore, especially in its mainstream incarnations. 

Islam is unabashedly black/ white when it comes to sin,  strict in fasting,  and not ashamed of traditional gender roles or of going against the grain of the dominant culture.  As long as modern official Christianity keeps dumbing down and watering down its teachings,  continues to pander to feminism and progressivism and doesn't give men a challenge it'll continue to lose to evil but zealous religions like Islam.

Lets be honest,  outside trad chapels (which do NOT represent mainstream Catholicism in ANY sense)  Western Christianity is pretty much on life support. Protestantism is no longer even worth considering.  

 One can't expect people to find the strength to go against the grain when the modern popes, bishops and general tenor of the mainstream have become so thoroughly effeminate and wishy washy as to elicit laughter and ridicule and not much else.  

Not sure there's any real hope of a reversal here, unless Western Christianity through its mainstream spokesman and official teachings and praxis returns to its roots.
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I think it is a result of increased socialist/communist political pushes in Mexico and places south. The loss of the clergy's ability to wear their cassocks, collars and habits in public was the beginnings of the atrocities to come. The Liberation Theology 'Jesuits' didn't help either. First was the trend of Protestant bent churches springing up and becoming more common in these areas and with Muslims from the Mideast filtering in, its no wonder these lost sheep would wander there.

It would, very sadly seem, that the 6 million converts of Guadalupe will be offset by those who fall away in modern times.

I, for one, cry over these attrition, these demonic re-assertions.  :'(   I know my dear mother (she a Gallegos) and her ancestors are rolling in their graves.

I pray for the resurgence of Catholicism in these Latino countries.
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(12-03-2019, 09:44 AM)formerbuddhist Wrote: I think young men WANT something or someone to hold them accountable, and to challenge them.  Modern western Christianity does not offer this at all anymore, especially in its mainstream incarnations.

True. That discipline matters for a lot of young people who want to turn their life around. I teach many vets, who often come from the streets and who developed the smarts and diligence to become self-reliant. So much of the temptations around us today tempt us to sloth, and gradually, at least some young people see the empty promises for the distractions they are. The appeal of storefront "holy roller" (as my mom used to call them) churches is more for the unassimilated immigrants from Africa, Korea, or Central America. Their children seem drawn more to the megachurch franchises and the "Power-Point-concert-preacher in a mini-stadium come as you are" model, as they move into the suburbs. And given the lax demands of any "lah-lah-lah" folksy masses on offer, it's no wonder their congregants are graying and thinning at the Novus Ordo levels. Asking around, my own family included, it seems that the estimate now of one in-bound convert for every nine exiting Catholicism is on target (it used to be every six or seven...).

I live in L.A., where if it were not for perpetual immigration from Latin America, the P.I. and Vietnam, there'd be a hell of a lot of emptier parish pews more than there are already. Nearly all of my college students think that "Catholics" are not "Christians," a sign of how the evangelical/ Pentecostal mindset permeates Protestants at least outside the dying mainstream denominations. And a lot of "non-religious" folks, as the "spiritual but not religious" and the indifferent and the "nones" rapidly increase this century.

I saw videos over a decade ago about "Islam Will Enter Every Home" that championed African American, Latino. and "multiethnic" children "of color" as likely converts to Allah. They target hip-hop, street "urban" youth. Their gist is that the Moorish-Spanish era was the golden one and that those darned Catholics with their idolatrous ways and reconquista tendencies ruined it all. I wonder, too, how this spin works, as I can't get my head past the fact that while blacks were among Muhammad's earliest converts, the Arab culture was notorious for its slave trade (as were admittedly far too many societies back then) for the transportation and subjugation of millions of Africans from all over the continent. Why Islam is seen as not culpable contrasted to Christendom in the treatment of the ancestors of the Moors, Spanish, and "peoples of color" in many complexions puzzles me.

Here is a recent look at the phenomenon. I've asked my students if anyone they know has converted from a Latino background, but I have never heard of anyone doing so. Interestingly, among my black American students, some have relatives who are Muslim or one of their parents or grandparents, but I get the sense that Islam is not coming down as strongly for the children. This may be similar to Western Buddhism in attracting adult converts rather than forming families growing up in the "new" faith tradition?
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