Pope calls the idea of Mary as Co-Redemptrix "foolishness"
(12-17-2019, 09:56 PM)Augustinian Wrote:
(12-17-2019, 09:18 PM)XavierSem Wrote: The doctrine is closely linked to Our Lady of Sorrows and Her Dolors at the foot of the Cross, when, the prophesied Sword of Sorrow piercing Her most holy soul and Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart, in great pains, She became the Mother of St. John and of us in the order of Grace. Her suffering as Queen of Martyrs exceeded that of all martyrs except Christ.

There's also an in-depth private revelation of this connection to be found in Ven. Mary of Agreda's excellent Mystical City of God, book 3 in particular, which describes how Our Lady was mystically united to Christ during His Passion so that she experienced the spiritual pains of His suffering.

Hi Augustinian. Yes indeed! Ven. Mary of Agreda's Mystical City of God is excellent and bears witness to what the Saints call the Co-Passion of Mary Our Lady and Co-Redemptrix with the Passion of Christ Our Lord and Redeemer. The very title of MCG mentions: "Mystical City of God, the miracle of His omnipotence and the abyss of His grace the divine history and life of the Virgin Mother of God our Queen and our Lady, most holy Mary Expiatrix [another word for Co-Redemptrix] of the fault of eve and mediatrix of grace. Manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus, Prioress of the convent of the Immaculate Conception in Agreda, Spain. For new enlightenment of the world, for rejoicing of the Catholic Church, and encouragement of men. Completed in 1665." https://www.ecatholic2000.com/agreda/mys...city.shtml

Our Lady also told St. Bridget, contrasting Her Son and Herself, with Adam and Eve: "3 This is why, when I gave birth to him, I felt as though half my heart was being born and going out of me. When he was suffering, it felt like my own heart was suffering. 4 When something is half outside and half inside and the part outside gets hurt, the part inside feels a similar pain. In the same way, when my Son was being scourged and wounded, it was as though my own heart was being scourged and wounded. 5 I was the person closest to him at his passion and was never separated from him. I was standing near his cross and, as that which is closest to the heart hurts the worst, so his pain was worse for me than for the others. 6 As he gazed down at me from the cross and I gazed at him, my tears gushed from my eyes like blood from veins. When he saw me overwhelmed by pain, he grew so distressed over my pain that all the pain of his own wounds subsided when he saw the pain in me. 7 I can therefore boldly say that his pain was my pain and his heart my heart. Just as Adam and Eve sold the world for a single apple, you might say that my Son and I bought the world back with a single heart. And so, my daughter, think of me as I was at the death of my Son, and it will not be hard for you to give up the world."

St. Alphonsus finally, on the Dolors of Mary, from the Glories of Mary: if Mary's lips were silent, her heart was not so, for she incessantly offered the life of her Son to the Divine Justice for our salvation. Therefore we know that by the merits of her dolours she cooperated in our birth to the life of grace; and hence we are the children of her sorrows. "Christ," says Lanspergius, "was pleased that she, the cooperatress in our redemption, and whom He had determined to give us for our Mother, should be there present; for it was at the foot of the cross that she was to bring us, her children, forth." If any consolation entered that sea of bitterness, the heart of Mary, the only one was this, that she knew that by her sorrows she was leading us to eternal salvation, as Jesus Himself revealed to Saint Bridget: "My Mother Mary, on account of her compassion and love, was made the Mother of all in heaven and on earth." And indeed these were the last words with which Jesus bid her farewell before His death: this was His last recommendation, leaving us to her for her children in the person of Saint John: "Woman, behold thy son." From that time Mary began to perform this good office of a Mother for us; for Saint Peter Damian attests, "that by the prayers of Mary, who stood between the cross of the good thief and that of her Son, the thief was converted and saved, and thereby she repaid a former service. For, as other authors also relate, this thief had been kind to Jesus and Mary on their journey to Egypt; and this same office the Blessed Virgin has ever continued, and still continues, to perform." https://www.ewtn.com/catholicism/library...-mary-5159
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