The Complete ICT Guide to Boarding Schools
Speaking of "fun facts" about fictional stand-ins, ICT: I remember liking back in my teens the short story that this novel elaborated. A prep school coming-of-age saga that was once a standard (as was Knowles's book) on high school reading lists, before culture wars.
C.D.B. Bryan "P.S. Wilkinson" (1965). The dearth of Amazon or Goodreads reviews speaks for itself, I suppose.

As to the makeup of prep schools, as with the Ivies now (as the new satire--on "the diversity industrial complex," "outrage as virtue," and "victims as "celebrities"-- "Campusland" by Craig Johnston where "Animal House" meets "woke" discusses well), I wonder given their determined drive to demolish their former "demographics" to reflect "inclusion" (even if that means the wealthy scions of PoC affluent families), how might this effect these judgments on boarding schools? Does their shaping occur regardless of who enters their mold? Or does the current pressure to "demythologize, disrupt, and overturn" the patriarchy and the Dead or Alive WM's play a role?)
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