The Complete ICT Guide to Boarding Schools
(12-20-2019, 06:02 PM)Fionnchu Wrote: As to the makeup of prep schools, as with the Ivies now (as the new satire--on "the diversity industrial complex," "outrage as virtue," and "victims as "celebrities"-- "Campusland" by Craig Johnston where "Animal House" meets "woke" discusses well), I wonder given their determined drive to demolish their former "demographics" to reflect "inclusion" (even if that means the wealthy scions of PoC affluent families), how might this effect these judgments on boarding schools? Does their shaping occur regardless of who enters their mold? Or does the current pressure to "demythologize, disrupt, and overturn" the patriarchy and the Dead or Alive WM's play a role?)

Well, this book from the 80s spoke about heads lamenting their concessions to what they called the teen culture.  Prior to major demographics changes, these institutions perceived themselves losing ground to what started in the 60s when they started to turn the major boys schools (ie, all of them) into coed schools.  What appears to have happened is that for the first time in American history (or even further back), a popular social movement had succeeded in thoroughly radicalizing the youth of the elite, or even the elite themselves.

The primary concessions were first to make schools coed, then to de-militarize the schools.  These schools typically incorporated corporal punishment and rigorous self-denial; suddenly they began to allow students to have posters in their rooms, or to wear casual clothes, or to eat when they felt like it instead of at regimented whole-school meals.  These have greatly reduced their efficacy at exercising total control over their students.  They especially lament concessions made to overt consumerism, as the primary aspect of inculturation to the elite had previously been to attenuate the noveau riche tendencies toward conspicuous consumption, displays of wealth, and submission to mass media trends.

As to the incorporation of various non-white demographics, we see a familiar pattern where the elite will amend their own institutions with a specific type of demographic change consisting mostly of the inclusion of Asians, while middle-class and lower-class institutions begin to look much browner.  This is a very common pattern across schools, corporations, etc.  The reasons are addressed in the book: Asian students integrate into white populations immediately and effortlessly without skipping a beat and without changing the culture at all; however, there have been persistent issues with assimilating Hispanic and especially black students, even when they account for 5-10% of the population.  They consistently struggle and cannot integrate or perform adequately even if they come from far richer families than the white or Asian students.  The solution is to utilize the blanket term "student of color" to describe all non-white students and to obfuscate the nature of the demographics changes that occur.  These institutions, no matter how woke they are, realistically have no intention of making their demographics mirror what the local state college looks like.  They would rather the future of a globalized world consist of an upper echelon of white/Asian mixes with a lower strata of brown/black/white-trash mixes, and they appear to be successfully accomplishing this.  Again, the proportion of black/Hispanic students at these schools have not changed since the 70s.  Yet these schools at those times were 90% white.  The only thing that has changed has been more Asian students, and given their proportion of the population overall and the gradual inclusion of the term "student of color" vs specific descriptors of a student's race, we can only surmise that this is intentional.

The aforementioned concessions to mass culture and the noveau riche, combined with these demographics changes, appear to be the limits to which these schools intend to change - and these generally reflect the values of the elite.  In terms of leftism, Exeter looks like they've drunk the kool aid full stop.  Overall though, the leftism these schools profess looks like the leftism of major corporations (and the same "inclusive impulse" that has always been there: a sort of smoke screen to deflect possible anger/discontent away from these people as a class and to continue to foster inculturation from new money or new skin tones rather than hostility).  

Learning about these schools has really clarified for me why the elite act the way that they do.  Identity politics exist to direct hatred of privilege away from those who have it and on to unrelated poorer whites (who also shoulder the burden of the "wrong" kind of diversity so that the rich can play with the East Asians with average 106 IQs).  Social progressiveness and economic leftism exist to make the privileged look like class warriors fighting against some non existent bogeyman.  They are willing to sacrifice many ideals and tolerate much to maintain what really counts: their money and status.  They will share it with new people, including those who do not look like them.  As those above quotes suggest, everything taught at these schools is nuance, contradiction, will to power, even outright deception.  They will profess to be marxists even while hiding away in exclusive schools, and they will claim to fight white supremacy while making sure to carefully measure out their demographics in a way they would never tolerate from a nearby public school or state university.  All those woke schools do it too, regardless of their being at the center of these movements.  Look how many black students are at Harvard.  Look how many are at Hopkins, in one of the blackest cities in America.  

Harvard is 14% black and Hopkins is LITERALLY 6% black.  In Baltimore.  I expect Hispanic ethnicities to become more prevalent over time, but through a gradual process the same way Italians/Germans were integrated.

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