Please Watch Your Dogs In Coyote Country
I live in a SW suburb of Chicago that's near some heavily wooded areas, and right now,I've never seen so many Coyotes as I see now. Sadly, I've also never seen so many missing dog signs posted as I have of late, and they're almost all small dogs. Contrary to what is sometimes reported, Coyotes are not exclusively solitary hunters and will often attack in packs. I warn stupid people all the time when I'm out walking, and  they still give me ridiculous responses like "I only leave her out for 5 minutes" and "I watch from the kitchen window". And for people who think Coyotes only pray on small dogs left alone. Last January in a Northern suburb of Deerfield, a Coyote pack attacked 2 Pit Bulls and a French Bull Dog, one of the adult Pit Bulls was killed in the attack. Coyotes have even gotten a female to lure a fairly large male dog into the woods where the pack is waiting to attack. I chase them whenever I see them and occasionally they'll only run a short distance and see if you're going to continue to chase them.
I walk thru a local cemetery for exercise, mine, the dog and the kiddos.
Cemetery workers stopped me one day and warned me to stay away from the tall brush on the edges of the cemetery because of the coyotes - they will attack and take small pets.  This in the middle of a big city.
A few years ago in the Canadian Maritimes a pack of coyotes killed a female jogger.
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My mom lives in rural MI with her Greyhound. I know we used to have coyotes while growing up there.  I'll have to warn her.  My dad is in Chicagoland but doesn't own a dog.  

My GF has our beagles in  PA. I wonder if there are coyotes out there.  They aren't very big.
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