Women with Short Hair
If you do cut your hair, do it gradually.
I think short hair on women makes them look French. Generally I prefer long hair but depending on clothes, I think at least for some women, short hair is fine. But there are different short cuts. Some look great and some look like a boy's hair.

This I think looks good:

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

I think it's nice when there's a lot of volume on top, not too flat.
One of my daughters is a curly girl. The shorter you go the curlier it gets. Her hair is long now  to her waist and now mostly thick waves because of weight. If I flat ironed it it would be longer. It's blunt cut. I think you should embrace your curls.
Says  a mom with a  blond a line bob --long in front a line to back (shorter).- shoulder length. Lol. I always have a hair do dad to in it to make it feminine. It's not short by any means.

IMHO hairdressers do not know how to cut curly hair. I just trim her ends straight across. Some hairdressers layer curly hair..a big no. And if they cut it wet, just run. Very fast out of there.

IMHO woman should not cut thier hair around thier ears.
My daughter is a curly girl. It's down to her waist...the shorter it is, the curlier it gets. So we cheat and just straighten right near the part. For frizz never comb it when it's dry.its combed in the shower.
Basically, I love women. They never fail to surprise and confound me, even though I worked in a female dominated field, men just don't get. I learned to be a good listener and become invisible.

As for hair, I truly enjoy watching women fiddle with their locks with envy. I was  a guy with auburn hair and a dark red beard. The red all fell out and what was left turned grey. Now its a quick trip to the barber, a little buzz with #2 on the head and #3 on the beard and I'm done for another month and a half. I have so little on top that I tell the barber to give me a discount on the beard.

So ya, I love women's hair for the most part. My DDW wore hers short, not boy's short, and I remember how she got a perm back in the Streisand "A Star is Born" era. It was okay, but I'm glad she didn't stick with it. It seemed a hassle to keep up with. Her hair was sorta of thinning, so as she got older, long wasn't so good an option. Boy, I sure wish I could tell you how she would be wearing her hair now, but in reality, that certainly is no issue for her anymore. Sorry, what would have been our 48th anniversary was last Wednesday and thoughts of her are in a flood right now.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Zedta. 

I hope that when my husband goes, I go quickly after him, because I could not imagine living without him.
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It's all good Brillo... if your husband is good with it, go for it.

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