For my son - in thanksgiving!!!
So . . .  Life has been interesting lately.  

This Saturday night we were in the ER with my middle son (M) - age almost 10.  He hadn't slept the night before; he was playing with toys in his bed.  The next morning, we made him rest because he was a hot mess.  In the afternoon, we gave him chores, hoping to tire him out.  Among those chores were to sterilize door handles and light switches and wipe baseboards.  All told, it shouldn't have taken long, so when it took over 40 minutes, I sent his older brother (Bond Villain from previous threads) to check on him.  I assumed the little guy was playing instead of working.  I was wrong.

Bond Villain yells for me to come quick.  He had found his brother in the basement, drunk as a skunk.  M had puked all over the carpet and was rolling around on the floor in it - virtually unconscious.  I tried to bring him around and find out what he had taken.  Then, we put him in a shower to try to get some info from him.  Meanwhile, Bond Villain found the offending substance: an entire bottle of port (minus two glasses Pilgrim and I had shared on Christmas Eve).  Pilgrim (hubby) called poison control while I finished cleaning the puke off of M.  Then we loaded him into the car and flew to a local hospital where we spent a good portion of the night keeping him awake and breathing so that they didn't need to intubate.  (News to me: when drunks pass out, they can "forget" to breathe.)  He kicked; I held him.  He screamed and grabbed at the oxygen tubes; Pilgrim restrained him.  Nurses helped us hold it together for hours.

I prayed and prayed and prayed, begging God to help us.  When M finally came out of it, it was like flicking a switch.  All of a sudden, he was flirting with nurses and giggling.  

Anyway, long story but please join me in prayers of thanksgiving.  He seems to have made it through the episode without much in the way of harm.  There is one liver enzyme that seems elevated - slightly.  We need to test to make sure it is coming back down in about a month, but aside from that, he seems himself.  I am beyond grateful.  His guardian angel worked over time; God answered my prayers - completely.  I could wish he had been a little more hung over the next day - just as a deterrent, but I guess we can't have everything in this world . . . 

Thanks for reading!
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I suggest you lock all the alcohol in your house in a cabinet, or better yet just toss it out altogether.
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Already done.
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When we were kids we went to my dad's union picnic.
Dad was playing softball with the men.  He sent my little brother (about age 5-6) to get him a beer.  Little brother walked over to get a beer for dad.  Little brother was seen walking back and forth between the beer stand and the ballgame, but he never brought a beer to dad.  Yes, little brother was drinking the beer.
These things happen from time to time.  Little brother is still alive all of these years later, and still likes beer.
Yes.  alcohol poisoning causes your organs to stop working, including heartbeat and breathing.  You did the right thing taking him to the hospital.  I am sure he will be fine, tho.
I am glad your son turned out OK!
Whew! Glad he's OK! Man! That had to be ultra-scary...

In a few years, though, that'll become a story you all will laugh about. You've got Bond Villain -- and now Foster Brooks.
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I'm afraid I'm still in the crying at random moments and hugging the snot out of him stage.   Smile

His doctor suggested it would be a fun story to tell at his wedding . . .
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