WARNING! The Vaccines Are A Trojan Horse
(01-01-2020, 11:01 PM)Zedta Wrote:
(01-01-2020, 10:31 PM)Augustinian Wrote: I'm not anti-vax, but I've been very skeptical about the flu shot lately. I mean, every year we are bludgeoned with ads to get our flu shot yet everyone I know still gets the flu to some degree. I don't know, maybe I just need to take off the tin foil hat, but there's something weird about how much flu shots are pushed.
Personally, I never get a flu shot and I very rarely (maybe three times at most in my adult lifetime) get the flu and when I was working in hospital ERs, I'd see a lot of folks with the bug and they freely would cough on me.

The flu vaccine is a crap shoot at being effective...literally. Here's why:

About 8 months before the flu season, the CDC gets together and decides on the formulation of the flu vaccines. They usually choose three types, because they don't know, for certain, which strain of virus will be the cause of the flu outbreak. That's why the flu vaccine can be multiple or singular a type of vaccine. They're guessing (an educated guess?). Sometimes they get it right, but all too often, and I think this year is one of those, where they get it wrong.

I keep my vitamin C and D handy and increase the dose of vitamin D, which boosts the immune system.

BTW: Ever wonder why they call it 'flu season'?

Well, that's when most folks are indoors more and not out getting sunlight. Your skin produces vitamin D, about 20,000 units for every 15 minutes or so (it varies) of direct sunlight. So, when people go indoors, they are close to each other and sharing germs more and getting less sunshine and weakening their immune systems. Its only a matter of time before someone gets the ball rolling, as it were.

I'm not antivax either, and I am not a proponent of unnecessary and over use. I am also, not a good gambler, so I don't play vaccine poker with the flu. Pumping up one's immune system makes more sense than attacking that system with toxic vaccine adjuvants and ineffective viruses or viral proteins when you need a well tuned system in the first place.

Great info, Zedta, straight from the horse's mouth.
Here's a rule-of-thumb on vitamin D and the sun.

"It’s a sunny day in the middle of winter.  You bask in the sunlight outside during lunch.

You’re getting your daily dose of vitamin D, right?

Maybe not...

A simple test is to look at your shadow. If its the same height or shorter than you, you’re getting enough sun to make vitamin D. If its longer than you, you’re probably not. In most places in the US in the winter, you can probably guess what you’re going to see."
Probably not a problem in the Sunshine State, eh?

A little trivia: humans, guinea pigs, bats and dry-nosed primates are unable to produce vitamin C, and for this reason Linus Pauling thought that vitamin supplements could restore health and prolonged life.
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
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One thing about Vitamin C and its been a while ago, but there was a study of Newborn infants in the nursery that suddenly began developing scurvy. Scurvy is what a person gets when they don't get enough Vitamin C. It was common on sailing ships many years ago and then they started carrying or growing limes onboard. If memory serves, the English started it all and added lime to their grog and never had the disease. Perhaps that's where 'limey' came from?

Anyway, they found that the newborns that got scurvy were born of mothers who took Vitamin C supplements, usually over 500 mg daily. Apparently, the formula they used in the nursery to feed the kids, had only the much lower recommended dose and these newborn's systems were used to the higher one.

Well, it turned out, they found out that Vitamin C, being a water soluble vitamin, is readily excreted by the body and only a portion that your body needs is used. If you suddenly stop or greatly decrease the amount you take, as what happened with the newborns who were getting higher doses than the normal dose in the womb, your body will continue to excrete the Vitamin C at a rate that it did before and you could end up with a deficit of retained Vitamin C, as the newborns did.

I think that may be why the regimen for Vitamin C as a treatment is only for a few days and then return to a moderate, higher dose during the disease.

I also recall seeing data that indicated prolonged high dose vitamin C can cause kidney stones, but I don't recall how much is considered high. I suppose that 1-2,000mg a day would be an optimal dose, but personally, I only take 1,000mg a day.
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Quote:I'm not fully anti-vax...

but I am fully anti the government having the power to make me to put something in my body!

Let me spell this out:  First they gain the right to force us to put a vaccine in our arm, then they gain the right to force us to put a microchip in our arm.

The "measles" epidemic (which is less fatal than the vaccine)  is just a way for them to incrementally gain this power.
Who knows what else they will have the right to force in our bodies in the future?  A chip in the brain?  Neurolace?

We know they want transhumanism.

Problem, reaction, solution...

Create a problem, stir up a reaction, and then provide the solution you had in mind the whole time.

It's the same with the staged mass shootings.  There are soooo many shootings that never get reported.  And then there are carefully staged ones with all the right characters to pull the heartstrings and the media are often there before the police are and kids have speeches prepared and rallies which take months to plan and get permits for happen the next day and thousands of t-shirts with clever agreed-upon logos are already in the hands of the marchers, and on and on...

Order out of chaos, and they create the chaos in the first place and the media uproar with an end goal in mind.

They don't want to force us to take vaccines or microchips or give up our guns, they want us to ask them for it!
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