Simple wooden rosary
Here's the rosary that I made in the hospital, which I'm going to put on my wall once I get it blessed and put up the hangers.

Can't figure out how to post the actual pictures here from Imgur. :(

It bothers me that I don't have an actual crucifix for it, but I'll keep trying to find one. Other than that, and the thin yarn that I had to use, I really like it. :) The beads remind me of hazelnuts. I'd like to learn to tie those knots you see in cord rosaries, to have a knot in between each bead, but that'll be a work in progress.
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There! Very nice.

[Image: y6wIgqF.jpg]
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Looks great, Birdie. I like wooden rosaries: they're warm and smooth to the touch. This one wouldn't snag on your bed clothes either. (I'm partial to the Pardon crucifix, by the way. You might consider that.)
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Very nice! When I was in the hospital years ago I made a rosary bracelet with beads that looked like tiny universes. It gave me great comfort to have something like that there.
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