How Long Can I Leave My Christmas Tree Up?
I leave mine up till Theophany which this year (old calendar)  is Jan 19th. It's a small artificial tabletop tree anyway so it's not a fire hazard.  

It looks like there are many opinions on the matter. 

In the Western tradition Candlemas is most appropriate.
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I agree with between Epiphany and Candlemas. If you have a natural tree it may need to go sooner. I'm intending to take down the outdoor lights and the tree this weekend while leaving the Nativity and other things up til Candlemas. For the outdoor lights living in the Northeast when you get a day above 40° you take it.
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I'd ideally like to leave mine up until Candlemas, but we buy real trees and they never make it that long. We took our recent tree down last week. It was so brittle that if someone broke wind in the next room, about a half pound of needles would fall onto the carpet.
Together with other posters, I agree that anytime between Epiphany and Candlemas is the acceptable time to stop the celebration of Our Lord's Nativity.  Additionally, there is no requirement to put up a tree, so there is no regulation on when the tree goes up or down.  It would simply be up to local custom and personal preference. 

I know some people who erect a tree during Advent season because their protestant or a-religious neighbors do and then take it down on Dec. 26.  There's nothing that says you can't do that...and there's nothing that says you have to do that.  Basically, it's at your pleasure.  I don't see how anyone could fault celebrating Our Lord's Nativity year round....because it's not a sin.

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