Women Who Have Had Abortions and Don't Regret It
SacraCor714 Wrote:Which brings me to my second point. I've never had an abortion, and I'm currently pregnant. And I'm having a really hard time understanding how women are "tricked" or "coerced" into murdering their own child.

Desensitization.  As Vox said, the unborn are hidden.  Repeat the lie often enough that they're not human, clump of cells, etc, and people start to believe it.  For the record, I'm still waiting for someone to say that their "non-human clump of cells" turned out to be a pony.  Then throw in birth control, to disconnect people from the consequences of sex, and contributing to a general mindset of children being a) an obstacle to success, or b) an accessory.  Then give someone a financial incentive to kill the unborn, and it's a giant mess.

Quote:Why do women who murder their own children get a free pass from the law? Would it be a good deterrent for abortion to have the penalty be life in prison, similar to how the majority of people are sentenced for infanticide when they murder a baby who happens to be outside the womb instead of inside it? 

The one that kills me is how in many states, a pregnant woman can kill her "non-human clump of cells", but if someone were to kill that same woman, they can be charged with two murders: the mother and the "no longer a non-human clump of cells" baby.

Quote:Or am I turning into a raving lunatic thanks to my pregnancy hormones?

Are you sure it's because of the pregnancy? :P  ;)  (I'm joking, of course)
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