Women Who Have Had Abortions and Don't Regret It
(01-07-2020, 02:56 PM)Jeeter Wrote: The one that kills me is how in many states, a pregnant woman can kill her "non-human clump of cells", but if someone were to kill that same woman, they can be charged with two murders: the mother and the "no longer a non-human clump of cells" baby.

Because the legislators in those states know it's two lives, but the Supreme Court won't let them outlaw abortion. And the last time the states tried to go against the federal government, they lost the war.

(01-07-2020, 02:56 PM)SacraCor Wrote: Which brings me to my second point. I've never had an abortion, and I'm currently pregnant. And I'm having a really hard time understanding how women are "tricked" or "coerced" into murdering their own child. Abortion is murder, and undeniably so. However, we don't use the same excuses for homicide that we do for abortion. We don't say to the man or woman who stabbed their spouse to death or to the single mom who drowned her son in the bathtub, "oh, you were tricked into it, you didn't know any better, you were forced." Therefore, should we not treat post abortive women, especially the ones who don't regret it, the same way we treat folks who kill other living beings and are prosecuted by the law?

Maybe some of them really think it's not human yet, since they're told that it's just a clump of cells. But I suspect many of them do know exactly what they're doing, like the actress you mentioned, and have abortions out of pure selfishness. And part of it is the fault of the pro-life movement, who chooses to focus on the doctors providing abortions rather than the women. Perhaps it's to make it more politically palatable and more likely to convince pro-abortion women that it's not 'anti-women'. Remember the big controversy during the last presidential election when Trump said that women who have abortions should be punished if it were illegal, and how many people criticised him for it. And many of those were pro-life.

(01-07-2020, 02:56 PM)SacraCor Wrote: Yes, of course many women are sorry for their abortions and regret having them. But I'm sure there are a lot of people currently in prison for murder who are sorry for what they have done, too. Why do women who murder their own children get a free pass from the law? Would it be a good deterrent for abortion to have the penalty be life in prison, similar to how the majority of people are sentenced for infanticide when they murder a baby who happens to be outside the womb instead of inside it?

Outlawing abortion would be a deterrent, not in every case, but enough to get rid of it being done openly. The correct law, in my opinion, would be to make abortion aggravated murder, the same as, for example, murder-for-hire or the murder of a police officer, making both the abortionist and the mother eligible for the death penalty. It's not only the murder of an innocent, defenceless child, but of the mother's own child at her desire, the child she has the highest duty to protect. And this would be in a world where abortion is illegal, not a right, so anyone having an abortion would know she's committing murder, at least legally, even if she doesn't accept it as such. It'll certainly deter at least some women, and the lack of access to legal abortion will deter even more.

And the argument that women will die in back-alley abortions is nonsense. That's like saying we should legalise bank robbery to keep bank robbers from getting shot by the police. Don't murder people in risky medical procedures.
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