Women Who Have Had Abortions and Don't Regret It
(01-07-2020, 07:48 PM)MaryTN Wrote: I have never met a woman who does not regret her abortion.  20-30 years later they still grieve, they still feel pain, they still cry themselves to sleep.

Michelle Williams didn't seem to. Dead babies get you fame and shiny statues. If she really regrets it, she wouldn't be boasting about it on national TV. Maybe the women you know do, but that doesn't mean there aren't women like her.

(01-07-2020, 07:48 PM)MaryTN Wrote: They tell themselves that the baby is in heaven.

Council of Florence. It's not.

(01-07-2020, 07:48 PM)MaryTN Wrote: 16 year old girls are not adults, they don't think like adults, they often don't think past next month, so you can pressure them by telling them their life will be ruined if they follow thru with the pregnancy.  I mean, they sure didn't think things thru when they had sex, did they?  And when pregnant we feel, are really are, vulnerable.  So it is often the boyfriend and the parents who want the abortion. They are embarrassed that their child had sex and was so careless or ignorant that she got pregnant - what will our friends say? - so they want the problem to go away.  They want their daughter to go to college and "make something of herself" and they think a baby would prevent that.  The first one, her parents didn't want anyone to know that their good Catholic daughter was having sex - they killed their own grandchild, another human being, so they would not be embarrassed.

Thanks, feminism! It's feminism that tells girls and women that motherhood is an impediment to what's really important, a career. The idea that a mother's life is ruined is nonsense, and it's even more nonsense when there's this thing called school that children go to for most of the day once they're four or five until they're eighteen, so if the mother needs to work, she can, most of the day. And if the parents are around, they can help. But instead they're so focused on material things that they've bought feminism's hatred of motherhood and the idea that business is more important than raising and educating the next generation.

And then feminism drives down wages - double the supply, prices go down - so now both parents have to work. Especially if it's sexist to pay a man more because he has a family to support, to allow women to take care of their children. But, hey, murder's cheaper than higher wages and 18 years of medical care.

(01-07-2020, 07:48 PM)MaryTN Wrote: I don't think that putting them in jail would help, it is a cultural thing, very sad.  We have to actually teach our children that life begins at conception, that babies are real human beings with souls, and we have to start that teaching at a young age.  When teaching children about life you don't have to talk about abortion, just talk about life and the gift from God and Mommy and Daddy were so happy and excited when we found out that God was giving us a baby.

You can't when the law says it's okay to murder a baby, as long as it hasn't come out of the magical, personhood-bestowing vagina yet. At least not all the way, because the magic doesn't work until the head is out.

But if the state passes a law saying abortion is murder, that affects the culture. There's no longer the excuse of 'it's a constitutional right'. There's no longer Planned Parenthood running its clinics. Everyone's on notice that this is a crime, and, like any other crime, if you're caught, there's a penalty. In this case, potentially death. You wouldn't have as many parents pressuring their pregnant 16-year-old daughter to abort, since it's illegal. Some might, but being pressured is not a defence to murder. Obviously a lot of education would have to take place, but, really, how hard is it for schools to tell teenagers that abortion is a crime, and if you have one, it's murder, and you're going to prison.

Maybe a 14-year-old whose parents threaten her and drag her off to have an illegal abortion shouldn't go to jail for life. But her parents absolutely should, at minimum, and the 'doctor' should be executed. He's got no excuse whatsoever, as much as he'll claim he's only trying to prevent young girls from ruining their lives.

Michelle Williams has no excuse, either. In a sane society, she'd be in prison for murder. If she had said that she threw her newborn out the window onto the freeway, because the child was interfering with her career, everyone would say she's a murderer and needs prison. In a society where abortion is outlawed, why should it be any different?
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