Women Who Have Had Abortions and Don't Regret It
I only know two women in my life that have ever had an abortion. One is my fiancé's former friend, V (a cultural muslim). She had one because she was young and didn't want a baby to hold her down. It didn't help that the "man" (he wasn't mature enough to really be called one) was a walking metaphorical pile of dookie. After the abortion she instantly regretted it and she confessed that she wanted to take it back. She lives with that regret for rest of her days. (And her and my significant other fell out of friendship out of a completely different matter).

The other woman I know that had one was my fiancé's mother (a cultural catholic). After her divorce to her daughter's father she dated different men. Eventually got pregnant with a horrid man she wanted nothing to do with (after coming to her senses of course). That would have been my fiancé's brother had he been alive today. She too regrets it's and always told my woman to never get one. 

Maybe my little bubble is exactly that, little and not indicative of women everywhere, but I too find it hard to believe that there are women out there that murdered their child and have no regrets about it. A part of me thinks there is still a sliver of humanity in their brains feeling guilty for taking the life of a most innocent human being. 

Also, congratulations on having a little gift from God. I hope s/he grows up to be a fine champion of Jesus Christ! God love you and your family.
Vivat Jesu Rex!
Ave Maria!
Da pacem, Domine. In diebus nostris.


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