"New science proves that vaccines SPREAD infectious disease..."
Here's an article I found that supports in kind the premise that vaccines can spread disease. Case in point, the oral polio vaccine has caused more illness than the wild strain ever has:

Article Wrote:World Health Organization: More Polio Cases from Vaccine than from Natural Polio
World News Desk 12 January 2020  Hits: 879

There are now more people who have contracted polio through vaccines than the wild virus itself.

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report last week, which recorded nine new polio cases that were caused by the vaccines in four African countries in Nigeria, Central African Republic, Angola and the Congo.

A total of 16 countries have had similar outbreaks. That includes cases in other African counties, and in Asia in places such as the Philippines, China, Myanmar. It’s risen the count of polio cases caused by vaccines to 157.

Afghanistan and Pakistan, the two countries where polio continues to be endemic, have a reported 107 cases of wild polio.

According to the Associated Press, all the current cases where people have contracted polio through the vaccine, have been caused by a Type 2 virus, whose wild form has been eliminated since 2015.
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