Bishops out of touch on firearms?
This comes across as really out of touch:

'Over the years, he said, the bishops have supported "common sense" actions such as an assault weapon ban, limits on large capacity magazines, a federal law to criminalize gun trafficking, mandatory gun lock and safe storage requirements, improved access to mental health services and assessment of the impact of the portrayal of violence in various media on society.'

Heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, etc. are illegal and still available.  You criminalize owning firearms...and you'll have what they have in Mexico, armed cartels that drive into town and kill everyone.
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Let's be frank (hehe frank), the Bishops are out of touch on pretty much everything!

They still think it's the 1960s and we live in a time of such unrivaled peace and security that we can all afford to become Beatniks.
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They pick these liberal talking points like gun control, the rare case of actual racism, illegal immigration, and "climate change" because they are palatable to talk about. These are the types of stories aired by the mainstream media ad nauseum, so as to appear that each and every one of them was an epidemic spiraling out of control, and can only be solved if every dollar and bead of sweat were dedicated to their elimination. The bishops like this, because it allows them to busy themselves with these media-approved topics, so they can then claim to be too busy to talk about things that are actually Catholic.
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Many bishops appear to be confused about proper priorities. Some appear to have their heads on straight. Pray for them either way. That's my paltry two cents' worth.
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Well, when they get it so wrong on dogma, it's no wonder they get it so wrong on things like liturgy and firearms, etc.
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They don't believe in the human right of self-defense.
I'm praying for the souls in purgatory. Come, let's empty Purgatory with Jesus' help!
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(01-16-2020, 12:11 AM)BobCatholic Wrote: They don't believe in the human right of self-defense.

After years of raking in Federal tax dollars for 'humanitarian' purposes, and facing ever declining donations at the plate, the USCCB backs whatever their .gov check-writer tells them to back.
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