"Social Justice Warriors Unhinged - From P*ssy Hats To Vagina Costumes..."
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Article Wrote:January 13, 2020

Social Justice Warriors Unhinged - From P*ssy Hats To Vagina Costumes (and Candles) To Pushing More Than Two Genders, Crazed Liberals Are Easy To Identify
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By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For years we have observed liberal social justice warrior(ism) quite literally drive people crazy as their sense of entitlement, their insistence that they "control" nature such as basic biology, and their complete disconnect from reality continues to increase.

While we, and others, often have attributed much of the left/right belief system as a "political" in nature, a recent  speech, given at a church by Fox News' Tucker Carlson, highlights an aspect of the "culture wars" we have watched battled out in the public eye so often, claiming that it is not a political battle, despite members of the right being on one side and members of the left being on the other, but a theological and religious battle.

The Carlson video is at the end of this article, but his main point which captured my attention was the example of the gender insanity we have been watching, where some, generally those that consider themselves social justice warriors, or feminists and LGBT supporters, continue to insist there are more than two genders, despite the fact that basic biology negates that very premise.

Where I disagree with Carlson is his assertion that the culture wars are not political. I do agree the battle is a theological and religious battle, but the politics cannot be removed when those on the left solidly support things like gender neutral bathrooms where boys and girls use the same restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms, or the transgender and LGBT agenda where they believe teaching children as young as kindergartners about gender issues to indoctrinate them is acceptable, or gun control being more important than constitutional rights, etc.....

One would be hard pressed to find a conservative that supporters any of those issues, meaning that people on the right of the political aisle and people on the left have all come down on complete opposite sides of said issues.

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The attacks on the Christian white male, and masculinity, calling them "toxic," only comes from one side of the political aisle and it certainly isn't the right.

An event where hundreds of people across the country meet up so they can "scream helplessly at the sky," a year after an election, all because the candidate they backed lost, was not conducted by conservatives. 

A march where tens of thousands of woman and men, proudly wearing pink p*ssy hats as part of a temper tantrum because their female candidate lost the election, most assuredly didn't have conservatives or Republicans attending.

[Image: menpussyhats222.jpg]

Let us not forget that as part of that same protest woman and men, wore vagina costumes, and uses vagina smelling candles. Please feel free to find an example of any real man, any conservatives man, wearing a vagina costume or a pussy hat, unless it was to make fun of those that do.

[Image: menvaginacostume2.jpg]

The insistence that people should care more about "fear," feelings or emotion than logic and facts, isn't spewed by members of the right or conservatives, yet there are very public instances, caught on camera, where members of the left insist that is how it should be, like the one shown below.

Flashback: January 2019 - Language Warning: [ed: Isn't it telling how bad language is so common with these folks. I mean, if they didn't curse, they would have very few words to say!]

The video below is from a few years ago, despite recent uploads dating January 2020, and pretty much makes the point that seeing someone completely crazed, screaming in the middle of a Starbucks, about how she wants what is best for the black barista trying to serve her,  one easily identifies this lunatic as liberal.

Note that even the barista looks concerned and disturbed by this woman.


You will not find a conservative that pushes boys and/or men to wear make up, or wear dresses and skirts. Neither will you find one that pushes the "beta male" over the masculine alpha male.  You also won't find any conservative or Republican celebrating a child drag queen as liberals and the establishment media (yes, same thing!) has been documented doing.

From attacks and harassment in public over clothing items (Maga hats or shirts) to acts of road rage where the screecher is yelling at someone, specifying that the person being yelled at has a "Christian bumper sticker" (Video at Twitchy), before the woman begins screaming at another person for looking at her, then howling at the person filming her (all in 38 seconds!), there are too many examples to list where just by observing the behavior, one can easily identify whether the person is liberal or conservative.

While I am not a proponent or user of Crypto currencies because to me that is another step toward a cashless society, there is a piece about crypto confronting social justice warriors, where they list a number of stances taken by SJWs, and lo and behold, those are the exact stances that liberals push each and every day.:

Quote:Disagreement revolves around key concepts, including the definition of social justice itself. The crypto ideal was captured by the free-market economist Walter Williams who stated, “Let me offer you my definition of social justice: I keep what I earn and you keep what you earn. Do you disagree? Well then tell me how much of what I earn belongs to you—and why?” In this view, social justice resides in the reward of merit and the protection of property rights, especially the property every person has in his or her own body. For libertarians, only individuals and individual rights exist. There are no group rights. Injustice is not committed against a group but against individuals.

SJWs disagree on all points. Social justice can be achieved only by taking away money, status, and power from those who earn it, and redistributing the “wealth” by force. They do not view it as force. The current system is considered to be institutionalized violence committed by capitalism and white privilege against “the oppressed.” SJWs view the world through a lens of identity politics, through groups. Identity politics occurs “when people of a particular race, ethnicity, gender, or religion form alliances and organize politically to defend their group’s interests” against the interests of other groups, notoriously white males. There is no shared humanity in terms of interests. This perspective allows them to violate a defining aspect of Western justice; namely, it is wrong to punish individuals who have committed no crime. By their skin color and genitals, all white males have committed a collective crime. There are no innocent individuals.

Replace the term SJWs with liberals and the same applies.

[Image: liberal-unhinged-at-trump-again.jpg]


It isn't only crazy behavior in public that makes liberals easily identifiable, but one can also tell if someone is Republican or Democrat, conservative or Republican by what stance they take on social and cultural issues.

These culture wars may be theological and religious as Carlson asserts, but they are also undoubtedly political as well and people better get that through their heads because liberals also believe in forming mobs, online and off, to attack those they disagree with.

To let this go unchallenged and unspoken will do nothing more than create a nation of men in p*ssy hats and vagina costumes,  while wearing make up, controlled and ordered about by liberal women aka feminazis.

Before the Carlson speech, we have Tyler Zed's of Zeducation's YouTube channel with the best SJW meltdowns of 2019.

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