Maple Hill, KS

My wife and I often talk and consider some year in the future moving from our current situation (in a very populous, metro area) to someplace more rural. We'd love to be able to live on a small acreage, but still be within close driving distance of a good parish. Maple Hill, KS, has caught our eye because of the FSSP community there. Also, with three young children and one more on the way, the school is an additional draw.

I'm just curious to hear from anyone who lives in this area. Is there a thriving parish life with lots of families, men's groups, women's groups, etc? How is the school? Would just love to hear any info, good or bad, about the area.

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I live in the area, but don't hang out in Maple Hill.  The only reason I go into Maple Hill is to pick up fabricated stainless steel items for my business from Tower Metal Works.  I can just tell you in general that the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS is heterodox, even though the people are generally conservative.  It is really nice that our Archbishop hasn't stamped out the FSSP in this area, though.

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