Guardian Angels
(04-15-2020, 09:00 PM)ServusDei Wrote: I don't see why anyone can't tell demons to leave them alone, invoking the Holy Name of Jesus.

No one said they couldn't do this.

Sprinkling Holy Water or Crossing oneself and saying "In the Holy Name of Jesus, get away from me Satan and you demons." I don't see an issue with this. it is an informal prayer, invoking Jesus (or perhaps St Michael) to help and push away the demon.

Commanding them to depart, as if we had some special authority to do this (recall that Christ gave this power only to the 72, not everyone) and saying, "I command you depart" or "We drive you from us" or something similar in a formal and ritualistic way. That's an issue.

Invoke the Name of Jesus, and use it to scare away demons, all you want, but the Church says that not everyone can use a ritual prayer of exorcism out of the Roman Ritual, only those who have the power and permission to do so.
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