How do I properly consecrate my suffering?
I think one of the Crosses God has chosen for me is sleep issues.
This is not a big suffering compared to others, but it’s enough to be an annoyance (viz. associated fatigue, headaches, focus issues, etc.).
While I seek to fix the issue, in the meantime, how do I properly address this suffering with Our Lord?
Say I want to offer the suffering for my family; is it a matter of simply praying to Our Lord that any merits I’ve gained by suffering we’ll be applied to the intention of the salvation of all those entrusted to me / my family / anyone needing prayers, etc.

In the past, I’ve often been a sulky mess when overly fatigued.
I’m actually using a “Dreem 2” headband since Friday night, which I purchased partially with a health spending account from work. Apparently, after your 7 day “assessment” this device actually improves the quality of your sleep by some sort of pink noise distortion.

Also, and this is more of just a funny frustration rather than a “suffering”, but the city in which I live is actually in a state of emergency due to a gigantic snowfall up her in St. John’s, NL. (Yes, for those that don’t know, I’m a Newfie).

However, I did some nice snow artwork to make light of it.

Edit. I had a picture to attach but it’s not working.
It’s basically just me having written “TRUMP 2020 NL” in the snow.
Just think of Our Lord and offer it up. You don't have to recite some super formal prayer or anything. For example, I have to change my kid's deadly diaper and think to myself, "Lord, I offer this you You." Or to Our Lady. Just something simple and quick in the moment.

If you prefer a formal prayer, you can offer up all of your daily sufferings and works during your morning prayers too.
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Just say a quick prayer like “Jesus, I unite this suffering with your sufferings on the Cross, for the intention of _____.”
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Join the Knights at the Foot of the Cross, an apostolate of St Maximilian Kolbe's Militia Immaculata for those suffering to consecrate their suffering to Jesus through Mary.
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I'm sorry you are suffering from insomnia, FF.  It's very difficult to deal with!  

I have a chronic illness and do better or worse at times with offering it up but in addition to what the others have said:

1.  If I have a particular intention I want to devote prayer and suffering to, I set an alarm and remind myself to offer the next hour for that intention.    

BTW PM me y'all if you have a particular intention and I'd be happy to offer it for you.  It makes me feel useful. :)

2.  I like the idea of prayer contracts where each time something occurs it's offered up for an intention because you made a contract with God and don't have to try to remember it over and over.  So maybe every time you yawn it's offered for the souls in danger of the fires of Hell. 

3.  I may be wrong but I believe wearing the brown scapular also has the effect of offering up our sufferings...I hope so because sometimes I forget.  :/
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One other thing, when contemplating the sufferings of Our Lord or Our Lady, it's helpful to unite ours to the ones we can relate to most.

So when you feel so badly like falling asleep, you can contemplate the agony in the garden and ask Our Lord to help you never fall asleep in the faith.

Headaches unite to the crown of thorns...
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