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I've lurked on here for a while and finally decided to register. I'm a baptised catholic however, it's only recently that I've decided to return to the Catholic Church. I've been very reliant on FE for learning about the faith since I don't think I can do at my parish RCIA as I'm 17. My priest has recommended that all I need to do is attend mass at least weekly but there's so much I want to know and understand thus it can be a bit overwhelming so naturally here I am ( Also, I'm a bit nosy so I do like to read about people's opinions on topics and such). 

As for the name "MissMarvellous", It's a tongue in cheek nickname since my middle name literally is Marvellous.
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It is good that your priest is actually meeting you where you're at. I am coming into the faith from a previous High Anglican background. Tried with the Ukrainian parish I go to on Sundays but the priest doesn't really understand my level of knowledge and has been wanting to put me through insane levels of religious education. So I talked with a deacon on Saturday and the pastor at a Melkite parish I go to as well and I could be received as early as this Saturday. There is a family I want present. The mother adopted me as her godson so that's who I refer to when I mention my godmother.

God met us where we were at when he became incarnated so that's my view on religious instruction. Too much easy access to information out there. What took St. Ambrose years to do, someone can go and read in about a week. Yet somehow, we still follow an archaic method of religious instructionHuh? There's the Tradition of the Church and the liturgy of the Church, but there's also God's will. Sometimes we get overprotective of the institutional way of doing things and cast out people who really just need to be able to practice the faith they've already been believing.
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Welcome to the Tank.
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said Throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory. Amen.
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Marvellous, since you are a baptized Catholic, your parish should have a "Catholics Coming Home Network." This is like RCIA, but it focuses more on the things you need to know and less on the stuff you already would know. I don't know how good it is, because I was a convert and my mother who was Catholic returned when they had yet to set it up, so she had to go through RCIA.

Ask whatever you want. I welcome something that involves anything other than the miserable situation going on in the Vatican or in the world.
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