Interesting "Heads Up!" Concerning New SARS-like Virus in China Breakout
I'm now convinced that China is in the midst of a very deadly pandemic that is a great many times worse than we're being told. The photos, videos, and reports coming out of China regarding the situation there, are far more compelling than the "official" versions. When some of the world's  very largest cities, have been reduced to ghost towns, with nearly empty train cars at the height of morning rush hour, car less expressways, and 99 pct of the pedestrian traffic vanished, you have to conclude that things like this just do not happen because 17.000 people are infected by a virus in a country of 1.4 billion. It's unbelievable to believe such relatively low figures could be causing such catastrophic results. But when you see the hospital waiting rooms being overrun, people collapsing on the street, hear reports of bodies being cremated, see the photos of ghost towns, empty highways, empty shelves, and the plunging Chinese stockmarket, you can only conclude that this is the worst pandemic in most of our lifetimes.
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New article from a couple of days ago, more to come tomorrow:

Article Wrote:Link to Original Article Page and Maps

China Quarantines Shenzen; now 400 MILLION under Quarantine as CDC Says Virus Containment "Not Possible" in China
World News Desk 07 February 2020  Hits: 9057

China has decided to lock down Shenzen, a city of about fourteen million inhabitants, which borders Hong Kong.  This latest action by China brings the total such action to 3 Provinces, including 60 cities, with populations totaling just over Four-Hundred-Million.
China has now Quarantined more people than live in the entire United States of America as it tries to battle corona virus!

Never before in recorded history has any government on the planet Quarantined so many people.  Yet the "official" disease reports from inside China claim the number infected is about 34598 worldwide, with deaths tallying 723 .   These numbers strike many around the world as "completely false" because, critics say, "no government on earth would Quarantine 400 Million and shut down ninety percent (90%) of its manufacturing for a mere 630 deaths. "

Thus, critics say China is grossly withholding real information about the scope of the disease.

Intelligence sources say that China now faces "over Twenty Million infected and over ONE MILLION DEAD."   Those Intelligence sources say crematories throughout China are operating at full capacity, 24 hours a day.   The Crematories in Hubei Province are allegedly cremating more than 2,000 bodies per day . . . and that's just in Hubei Province where the outbreak seems to have begun.

The so-called "corona virus" has spread to about 25 countries worldwide and continues to spread.  Evidence found by analysing the virus has lead many to believe the virus was actually a Biological Weapon, being worked on at the Wuhan Laboratory of Virology, the only Level Four Bio-Lab in China, located in Wuhan where the disease outbreak started.   Many say the virus was accidentally released from the Lab; a claim China ferociously denies.

As a result, people have been purchasing N-95 and N-100 filter masks in an effort to protect themselves.  Purchases of those masks has reached such high levels, there is now a global shortage of those masks.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to spew what many see as propaganda, about "no need to stop travel between China and other countries" and "China is being very transparent and helpful."  Such public statements are being viewed by many around the world as either complete stupidity or intentional lies.

Media outlets are only now beginning to cover this outbreak in any meaningful manner, but it seems clear their coverage is designed to prevent panic rather than convey the horrible gravity of the situation.

Said one source "They won't tell everyone how bad it is until everyone already knows."
Here are a few other updates:


and here:

Article Wrote:Latest breaking news on the virus - Bodies piling up, hundreds cremated daily
[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.naturalnews.c...Hi4naQ--~C]
Today is a super critical update on the coronavirus situation in China.
Read this important story that reveals how bodies are literally piling up in crematoriums, with workers stressed to the point of collapse, getting just two hours of sleep a night, completely unable to keep up with the hundreds of bodies that keep arriving.
Anyone filming dead bodies in China is subject to police arrest, while the U.S. tech giants are now completely de-platforming all channels that talk about the pandemic (including YouTube).
Read my critical analysis here that reveals how China just admitted the real death rate is 15% - 17%. This is based on numbers from China and the WHO.
On top of that, China is now threatening the death penalty for people who fail to report travel to the Wuhan region. Yes, you can now be killed in China for lying to the very same government that's lying about everything related to this pandemic.
We've got breaking news continuing throughout the day and the evening, with a new podcast coming online shortly, too.
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I just got this in an email and it gets into some rather curious (Zionist linked?), possible aspects of the situation. The video is a good report as well.

We can only hope that our authorities here can keep it out of the US, but with open borders and all, that may not be possible.

Here's the report, with a written summary of the video below the video link:

Article Wrote:Link to Original Article

Disturbing footage from China suggests the scale of coronavirus pandemic in China is far worse than what we’re being told. Real-time satellite data show massive concentrated plumes of sulphur dioxide (SO2) smoldering in the cities of Wuhan and Chonqing, which is corroborated in reports from the Epoch Times of workers at the crematoria, who tell of working 24/7 to keep up with the flow of dead bodies.

While official reports are that only ~900 people have died from to this viral outbreak, reports that estimates of 120,000-150,000 casualties so far — with 1.5 million infected – and tens of thousands newly-infected each day “seem to be more realistic.”

Sam Parker, who challenged Mitt Romney for Utah’s senatorial seat and who has a biotech background tweeted an epic thread, which I will paraphrase:
The Wuhan coronavirus is an engineered bioweapon but the Mockingbird media will not tell us this because the US Government has a $100-200 Billion stake in the global bioweapons arms race, which began just after 9/11.

“We’re being lied to, and not just by China…

“The swine flu, hoof and mouth and western Africa ebola outbreaks, etc., were all bioweapon development accidents.

“This kind of research is happening here, on US soil and the last thing our police-state rulers want is for us to be aware of this domestic WMD research.

“The WHO, CDC, Fort Detrick, NIH and Big Pharma all know what’s going on. Their corporate media allies are not going to spill the beans…

“The likely scenario is that China has done this to itself accidentally. But it’s always possible that sabotage was involved. In other words, the pathway out of the Wuhan BSL4 lab isn’t precisely known, yet. But that it came from there is almost certainly the case.

“You might have noticed how the ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ joke flooded the internet and media for weeks. It was a ‘wind-aided’ campaign to deflect our anger and dismiss the obvious treachery of the event.

“In the same way, the Internet has been deluged with pictures of bats…

“This disinformation campaign is obvious and we were supposed to conclude that this was some natural outbreak.

“Meanwhile, 400 MILLION PEOPLE are under quarantine. The borders with Russia and other Asian countries are sealed.

“We know this is a weapon for a few reasons:
– The Coronavirus it is most closely related to is SARS. This tells us that SARS was used as the base pathogen. (Was SARS an earlier phase of the program? Maybe).
– It contains HIV gp120 and gag protein receptor sequences.
– These receptor sequences allow the virus to bind to human CD4 (T type white blood) cells.
– There is high homology between SARS and 2019-nCoV. Furthermore, only 4 HIV sequences–perfectly and precisely placed–are present.

“If this were due to random mutation/recombination, we’d expect to see other HIV sequences randomly distributed in the Wuhan virus’s genome. But we don’t.

“The HIV sequences are found ONLY in critical binding sites, which is a mark of parsimonious intentionality.

“Finally, this virus is both more contagious and deadly than SARS.

Together all these ‘upgrades’ are referred to as ‘enhanced properties’ and ‘gain of function.’

“The US Government doesn’t want the American public to know these truths, nor does it want us to know that ‘accidental’ bionuking is possible here, too.

“Why would China need to steal dangerous pathogenic material from US and Canadian labs (and who knows from wherever else) if it was conducting legitimate BSL4 research?

“Ask yourself further: What kind of pathogenic materials need to be *stolen* rather than acquired through legitimate means?

“This tells you something not only about China, but also about the US and Canada.

“Whether China stole actual biological materials from Harvard through its agents (which includes Dr. Charles Lieber) is irrelevant:
“It stole the fungible critical knowledge and technology.”
Former CIA officer, Robert David Steele joins the SGT Report to offer his own granular analysis of the outbreak. In contrast to Sam Parker, he believes that the Harvard professor’s involvement in this story is germane to the nature of this attack.

He says here:
“The newest information available suggests that this was a Zionist attack on China in two parts: in part one, a Jewish-American professor at Harvard appears to have been dangled to the Chinese, committed treason against the USA, and assisted the Chinese in establishing a level 4 bio-war center in Wuhan. In part two – and the professor could be unwitting of this part – the Zionists released the virus in both the marketplace and in the hospitals – 41% of the infections occurred in the hospitals not in the streets. It should not be assumed that the virus escaped from a Chinese facility, or by accident.

“It is not yet clear to me if this Zionist provocation was intended to start a war between China and USA, as Benjamin Fulford suggests in his reporting from Japan on Monday, 10 February 2020, or if it had other purposes including massive economic gain by a Zionist-Anglo-American elite with advance knowledge for insider trading.

“It is also not clear to me the degree to which 5G – for which China is the lead country – intersects with the biological virus. 5G is a huge part of this – what we do not know yet is whether this was a false flag attack as I suspect; a test of the intersection of bio-warfare and electro-magnetic warfare; or a full out assault intended to destroy the Chinese economy and begin depopulating China.

“I believe that the personal trust between General Secretary Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump is strong, and the idea that the US would undertake such an attack as a matter of policy has been discounted in China. Of course there are rogue elements in our Department of Defense (DoD) and in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) known to collaborate with the Mossad in pedophilia entrapment operations, drug running, the sponsorship of terrorism including ISIS, and 9/11, but on balance I am confident this was not done by the USA and the Chinese leadership knows that.

“As my views on this attack developed, what struck me most powerfully was the manner in which the Western media, which is controlled by MI-6 in the UK and the CIA in the US – and their European counterparts – grossly exaggerated the spread of the virus in what can only be described as irresponsible fear-mongering – ‘yellow journalism’ or ‘fake news’ at its worst.

I now believe this was calculated to disrupt the global economy and I now believe that the Zionists and their allies including the MEGA group of Zionist billionaires in the USA that funded 9/11 and the Epstein pedophilia blackmail network, and of course the City of London and Wall Street, made a great deal of money with insider trading based on advance knowledge of the Wuhan virus and its exaggerated coverage in the West that scared both the stock market and manufacturers as well as tourists…

“The Wuhan virus is being used to advance the next wave of criminal vaccinations in the USA, this time with DNA and genetic engineering elements. It must be challenged by all citizens using all religious and legal means…

“Information warfare – the malicious use of the mainstream and social media, both controlled by the Zionists in collaboration with MI-6 and the CIA – is a completely integrated part of bio-warfare and electromagnetic warfare now. They are a triad. As best I can tell this was all pre-planned, and in combination, the virus, the 5G exacerbation, and the global hyperbole, exaggeration, and outright lies intended to harm the Chinese economy and benefit insider trading, were all part of one integrated campaign.

“I am certainly willing to believe this was an accident, but all signs point to foreign malicious intent – for me the truth-teller is the degree to which the Western media, controlled by MI-6 and the CIA, was totally prepared to wage information warfare – as prepared as they were for the Zionist planned and executed 9/11 atrocity. This was in many ways China’s 9/11, and that is one reason I favor a close look at the Zionists as the perpetrators.

“I do not believe that our President, our Secretary of Defense, or even our Director of the CIA, explicitly authorized this act of war. I continue to believe that the Zionist connection through Harvard is a critical starting point for any investigation.”

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One should have an open mind; open enough that things get in, but not so open that everything falls out
Art Bell
I don't need a good memory, because I always tell the truth.
Jessie Ventura

Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense
Mark Twain

If history doesn't repeat itself, it sure does rhyme.
Mark Twain

You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
C.S. Lewis

Political Correctness is Fascism pretending to be manners.
George Carlin

“In a time of deceit…truth is a revolutionary act”
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