Catholic modesty
Hi all!
I'm a French Catholic, and I've just created a web site on Christian modesty, with a history of the decadence of fashions, what Popes and saints have said, what our enemies are claiming, answers to objections, addresses where to find decent clothes, advice and anecdotes... The adress of the site is: At the bottom of the home page you have a button to translate the content of the site. If you are interested in this subject, do not hesitate to go on the site and answer me!
Holy day to all of you!
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Salve, Jo Barbot! I've just sent the link to our local homeschool group. Thanks!
Qui me amat, amet et Deum meum.
(01-24-2020, 01:19 PM)Teresa Agrorum Wrote: Salve, Jo Barbot! I've just sent the link to our local homeschool group. Thanks!
Hi Teresa, a  thousand thanks for your post. God bless you!
Excellent website, and also interesting to me personally. I'd like to see a website about how men dress as well; I find the modern dress of men just makes them look like slobs, especially in Church. I hope I'm not being judgmental here, but it seems to me that modern dress just doesn't reflect any self-respect. Modesty and respect matters!

I'm also a (kind of) French Catholic, in that I'm of Acadian ancestry. I grew up in Louisiana, where all my relatives spoke French; in my family, I'm the first generation to speak English as a first language. When Vatican II happened, I remember nearly all the churches in my part of the state offered French masses, as well as English. Salut, cher!

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