Let there be light
When I was an atheist a long time ago, I thought the whole "how can there be light when the sun wasn't created until the 4th day. OH SNAP" was a slam dunk objection. Now I think, "Hasn't anyone ever used a flashlight before?"

Scripture is firstly literal, but not in the sense that something may have happened in the exact order or process we 21st century readers envision it when we read the Biblical text. That is the Protestant error of reading the Bible "literalistically," as if it were a product manual. But the creation accounts are truly literal in the sense that God did create the heavens and the earth, and well, just look around you. They physically, actually are there, so God had to have done it, and He had to have done it somehow. The exact process of how God created is what the Catholic Church has allowed flexibility in interpreting. 

And that being said, since there are multiple senses of Scripture, above the literal, you can read spiritual and symbolic significance into it if you wish, if it helps you, as long as it doesn't oppose anything that is doctrinally certain.

If one wants to read into "the darkness" and the "void" a symbolic reference to the angelic rebellion, sort of like in the manner of how Tolkien opens the Silmarillion, then fine I guess. But there are some philosophical and theological nuances that come into play that don't allow us to take that interpretation very far without asserting (problematically) that the angels have some sort of intrinsic creative power above and beyond the ability to manipulate physical reality or assuming some sort of Platonic process to creation.
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