Millenialism and Catholicism
Friend is interested in Catholicism, but his great love in life is weird pet theories (something I'm sure many of you can sympathize with).

One of his weird pet theories is that the end times plays out like this:

1)Tribulation of believers
2)Rapture of all but a couple believers who are strategically left behind
3)Tribulation of unbelievers (and those couple left behind believers)
4)Everybody either dies in the crazy world, or becomes a true believer (or both).
5) Jesus comes down to our now radically transformed and perfected Earth, (an Earth visibly and dramatically different from before) to dwell with us as God, for 1000 years.
6) The Eschaton gets even better after that, in the New Heavens and New Earth.

Now, this is obviously peculiar. But when he's married a theory, he will never divorce. It is easier to list conspiracy theories in which he does not  believe, than those in which he does. (He is extremely brilliant, but I don't know if he's psychologically capable of leaving theories behind).

CCC 676 says that the Church rejects millenarianism, and its citation just says that it "cannot safely be taught," but the citation does not seem to declare the position heretical. Even the CCC in that passage seems to condemn the thesis when it would involve "realiz[ing] the messianic hope within history," and it would seem to me that steps 5 and 6 of my friend's pet theory are beyond history.

Can he be Catholic and keep the odd end-times theory?

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